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Summary of HASA

Mar Employee If you care about people with disabilities this could work for you 3. Company Culture It is a mixed bag of college educated people lucky enough to land a fairly good opportunity to do good work for the disabled in nyc Support from management The clients are first. Internal Communication Like most unionized city agencies, internal communication is subject to the likes and dislikes of your superiors. Attitude towards older colleagues Largely Respect for Older Collegues Overall compensation for your work Fair.

Rent at higher levels may be approved at the agency's discretion e. The rent must include heat and hot water. Approval will depend, in part, on the size of the client's household and an apartment inspection. In order to qualify, a client must first be eligible for Cash Assistance benefits using the New York State eligibility calculations.

If you are currently lgbtq volunteer chicago in an apartment and you would like to move, do not abandon hasa current apartment before discussing it with your Caseworker. Your case worker will work with you hasa determine the type of housing that will best meet your needs. Our goal is to assist you in maintaining stable, medically appropriate and affordable housing. If you are homeless or in hra danger with hra documented life threatening situation or health and safety hazardyou can be placed in temporary housing while looking for a new apartment.

Please contact your Caseworker. Please click on a question to view its answers.

HASA | NYC Rules

Hra may bring an advocate or representative with you getting over guilt of cheating your appointments. In addition, you will need to sign a HIPAA release form to allow us to discuss your case with the advocate. Once you provide the HIPAA release form and you have notified the agency in writing that you are granting the advocate permission to conduct case transactions on your behalf, hra advocate will be hasa to receive case information and documentation from your case record.

If you no longer wish to be part of the HASA program, you must notify your Caseworker either in person or by telephone. In order to document your request you will be asked to complete a Statement of Non-Participation form. Caseworkers are assigned cases based on a rotation system. Howeverclients may be permitted to change their assigned Caseworker upon request, with good cause, at the discretion of the Center Director or HASA administration.

Hasa we have the necessary documentation, we will be able to make the requested change. Frequency of home visits are based upon client's individual needs and the type of housing the client resides in.