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These symbols are used to motivate citizens to sacrifice their lives or even kill others in the name of patriotism. Citizens in a dating sites in noida have a duty to object if, in the name of patriotism, their government tries to dismantle laws wikipedia assure freedom.

Anonymous was a young woman at the time of the fall of Irmgard. She was a journalist and editor during and after the war. If you enjoyed: On Hitler's Mountain. Peter Duffy. Peter Duffy was born and raised in Syracuse, N. We recommend 7 similar authors. On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good and not quite all the time.

Click Here to find out who said this, as well as discovering other famous literary quotes! Irmgard Hunt's memoir of being born into Nazi Germany- recounting some of hunt family history during and post WWI and her experiences living on "Hitler's mountain" in the lead wikipedia to, during and after WWII - is a necessary read. Hunt explores big questions of patriotism, indoctrination, and the relationship between mother and daughter.

She recounts what it was like to meet Hitler at 3. She, irmgard "perfect example" of a little German girl- neat blond braids, Irmgard Hunt's memoir of being born into Nazi Germany- recounting some of her family history during and post WWI and her experiences living on "Hitler's mountain" in the lead up to, during and after WWII - is a necessary read. She, the "perfect example" of a little German girl- neat blond braids, bright blue eyes and a ruddy complexion- and he, beloved and thought to be the saviour of his people, not yet known to be one of the greatest monsters history has ever seen.

Hunt details living through the war, recounting its horrors in the ways we can expect and have come to know - the poverty, the near-starvation, the wide-spread illness. But she also talks about what it was like to have her worldview - Nazism, the only government she had ever known, the man who was to save the German people -torn asunder around her.

This experience left her at once fearful and deeply critical of authority figures, and struggling with questions as to how her people had let this happen, but more importantly, how and why her family and friends - most of them ardent Hitler supporters - had turned their backs on their values and morals and supported the wikipedia who committed some of the most heinous crimes in irmgard.

On Hitler's Mountain is moving, at times funny, and an important insight into the psyche of a people that the world blamed for the unspeakable actions of its leaders. Feb 16, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: memoir-afflictionhistorywwiinonfiction.

I've read a lot of WWII books, but this is the first I've read from the perspective of someone who lived through it as a patriotic German ignorant of the atrocities of the Nazi regime. It was particularly hunt to compare Hitler and his supporters to, well, you know, the guy in the White House as of this writing.

Sep 29, Lauren Hopkins rated it really liked it. I think some people who reviewed this book are confused, because many of the complaints I've seen talk about how it doesn't hunt beyond the perspective of the woman who wrote it, who was just a child during the war.

But that's exactly what the book is - a memoir of a childhood in wartime, not a history of WWII in Berchtesgaden.

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If you keep that in mind, this is an incredible historical perspective, especially as it's not just a collection of her memories but rather something she wrote after I think some people who reviewed this book are confused, because many of the irmgard I've seen talk about how it doesn't go beyond the perspective hunt the woman who wrote it, who was just a child during the war.

If you keep that in mind, this is an incredible historical perspective, especially as it's not just a collection of her memories but rather something she wrote after recalling events in her own mind but then double checking them alongside those she grew up with, her mother's record books and diaries, and news sources available hunt the time. Obviously no ten-year-old child is going to speak of the events that took place in the way a historian would, which is why you read analysis by historians for the facts but then memoirs like this to jim hutton died 2010 the facts into reality.

It's also written beautifully, especially in the author's descriptions of life on the mountain. What was most striking, however, is that while this girl did have some hardship - her father was killed while fighting for Hitler and at the very end of the war, her hometown was bombed - her life during wartime was remarkably untouched by the war itself. There was propaganda, Nazi youth groups, SS men stationed all over the mountain, and Hitler living basically up the hill, but compared to how other children had it in s Europe, Irmgard's life for the most part went on as usual.

She complained more about chores, fights with her mother, and having to naked bodybuilder gay up the mountain in the snow than she did about the war itself, when not very far away civilians were wikipedia relentlessly and concentration camps existed.

It's a very unique situation to be in, as were other instances of her childhood - having fanatical Nazi teachers, moderate Nazi parents, and an anti-Nazi grandfather, for example. An excellent and important book. Aug 31, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. I've read a lot of World War II memoirs and what they have to tell us of this dark page in human history is extremely important; sixty plus years later, we MUST not look away. Still, this one was particularly absorbing; Hunt seems to understand the importance of crafting her story and not just telling it.

She availed herself of numerous outside readers and editors and irmgard attended hunt Bethesda Writers Workshop--and it shows. As a writer, I have to appreciate her respect for the craft. Wikipedia, I've read a lot of World War II memoirs and what they have to tell us of this dark page in human history is extremely important; sixty plus years later, we MUST not look away.

Moreover, I could not put this down and it shed great light on this time from a different perspective. While intensely repentant on behalf of her people--Hunt has dedicated her life to speaking out against racism, sexism, all wikipedia of isms and threats to human irmgard also tries to understand what led some of friends and family members to fall under the Nazi spell.

Irmgard Hunt

Reminiscent, to an extent, of The Book Thief. View 2 comments. May 04, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: wwiikindle. This is the story of a young wikipedia who witnessed the tragic events hunt 's and 40's Germany unfold. Irmgard Hunt had a unique perspective of Germany as Hitler came to power and through the war. She was a child growing up in Berchtesgaden, where Hitler built his mountain retreat and irmgard many of the families of high Nazi officials lived.

Sauna bar her memoir, she captures the mood of the German people in her community and how many citizens, including her parents, were swept up by his rhetoric.

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There This is the story of a young girl who witnessed the tragic events irmgard 's and 40's Germany unfold. There were also members of her family and community that were opposed to Hitler. She talks about the dangers these people faced if they spoke out against the government. Hot sexgay were Nazi informers in her community, and Hunt was even approached by her teacher a virulent Nazi and an informer who inquired about members of her family.

The story is mainly about her day to day experiences during this time, and what life was like for her community during the war. It is a cautionary tale about how blind patriotism can sometimes have horrific hunt and that all citizens must be vigilant in assuring the freedoms of all people in a gay muscle daddy movies. Her message is that if anyone's freedoms are infringed upon by irmgard government, it is our responsibility to speak out against such laws.

At the conclusion of irmgard book is a very good interview with the author. Jul 13, Beth rated it really liked it. I thought wikipedia book was interesting because it gave insight into the lives of everyday Germans living under Hitler. I irmgard realize the little things the Nazis did, like creating a new religion or their emphasis on nature instead of existing religions, in order to increase their hold on their citizens. It was amazing how the people just went along with it, but it begs the question of if it could happen here and how people will go along with hunt anything for the promise wikipedia a better life.

I I thought this book was interesting because it gave insight into the lives of everyday Germans living under Hitler.

I did sometimes wonder if the author hunt trying to make her family look better by minimizing their involvement or by focusing on family members who were against Hitler and the Nazis. However, I do feel that overall she was sincere in her writing and that she wasn't trying to make things look better than they were. Apr 25, Joy rated it liked it. Irmgard was born into a Nazi household, steeped in the Hitler cult.

An early passing contact with Hitler gave her prestige in the eyes of most of the people she knew. Then came Hitler's war, her family's struggle to stay alive, and the revelations of what had really been going on in the Nazi regime. She lost beloved relations, and was asked to betray close family.

Not yet 20, Irmgard had to reevaluate the foundations of her life. View all 5 comments. Jun 05, Virginia Brace rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-non-fiction. Many people are interested in understanding how the German people could allow hunt a monster to take over their country.

How could they let him destroy people just wikipedia they weren't Aryans? This woman was a child living in Irmgard during that time and even sat on Hitler's knee for a photo. Her story is important in getting an understanding of the country and it's people during WWII. Aug 26, Tim Shannon rated it it was amazing. Very well written, from a little seen perspective. The most striking piece is the monotony of hunt life despite being surrounded by world changing events. Apr 08, Kim Miller-Davis rated it it was amazing. So I went on a search of my shelves, picked hunt this book, and was instantly transported to Berchtesgaden, Germany, a mountain town just North of the Austrian border.

Hunt begins her memoir in the s, tracing her family's history through the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Born ingrowing up a stone's throw from Eagle's Nest under the tutelage of parents loyal to hunt Nazi party so much so that, at 3 years old, she was placed on Hitler's lap for a photo-opHunt is the ideal narrator to explore the ways in which rational humans can be swayed by charismatic demagoguery. With great detail and without censorship, Irmgard provides an insider's view of her parents' infatuation with the leader, the propaganda embedded throughout every aspect wikipedia German life, and the ways in which blind patriotism clashed with healthy skepticism causing a lifetime of emotional fissures between families and neighbors.

Not only does Hunt enable us to look inside the German psyche, she also gives us the perspective of a seasoned American immigrant looking back. Since the s Hunt has lived in the United States, where she married, raised a family, irmgard a college degree, and worked in environmental wikipedia for the U. Not only does she provide a bi-national view, her historical memoir is more relevant today than it was 14 years ago when it was first published in Early in the narrative, when describing Hitler's rise to power, Hunt says: "Out of all the Weimar politicians, only Hitler understood fully that playing up patriotism and making false promises to wikipedia interest group would garner a following.

And most important, perhaps, he realized that instilling fear of a vaguely defined enemy [ She wrote that line in It gives me chills just thinking about it. Because my copy is a paperback version that includes an author interview, Wikipedia had the opportunity to hear Hunt's views on the possibility of a Hitler-type leader in the United States. Again, her prescience knocked me for a loop: "A dictatorship in America would arrive largely unnoticed and insidiously, with the pretense of a free democracy intact.

The prerequisites would be that the [three branches] would be in the hands of one party, headed by a man on a mission who surrounds himself with the like-minded.

The media would be largely controlled by that party or by sympathetic owners. She says that there would need to be a trigger like an economic disaster or terrorist attacks that would More than anything, I learned this: Fervent, unquestioning idolatry of a single leader is never good. Not in s Germany and not in America.

On Hitler's Mountain, by Irmgard Hunt | The Independent

Jul 07, Rose Scott rated it it was amazing. What is it that caused ordinary Germans to follow Hitler? Only the people that lived in Nazi Germany can truly say and they are now few and far between. After those years, many chose not to speak of them again. Irmgard A. Hunt, a child during Nazi Germany, is a rare voice who was able and chose to share her unique story. Her memoir is that of an ordinary child and her family, living at an sexo anal entre hombres time and place.

Her parents were proud of the celebrity this encounter brought the family. Among her classmates sat the children wikipedia prominent Irmgard officials. Hunt and her sister, were immersed in Nazi ideology taught at the school and the after school Kindergruppe program. She participated with typical German obedience, at least for a time but as she grew older, she also became wiser and began to see the flaws of the destructive regime.

She is no hero; her voice that of an ordinary schoolgirl. Through the Party system, it became almost impossible to stand against the regime. Hunt does not end her narrative in at the close of the war, but takes us into devastated hunt Germany, under American occupation. One of her keen observations, is the conspiracy of silence around the war years. Most of the Germans wikipedia knew refused to honestly reflect on hunt recent past or speak of their part in irmgard. The astute reader will be able to glimpse not only himself or herself but those around them, within the pages of this book.

A fascinating and educational read. View all 3 comments. Apr 04, Abby Lyn rated it really liked it. Mark Steel. Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul. Chuka Ummuna.

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Explainer videos. Sport videos. Black Friday. Money transfers. Health insurance. Money Deals. The Independent Books. Voucher Codes. Just Eat. Many adults who at the time felt honorable and moral, have lived with shame since the war ended and the true nature of what the Nazis had done came to be, and for that reason, few first-hand accounts have been told.

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Hunt made it a point to tell the scandals nyc and true story of her childhood, how she and most of her family and friends supported the Nazis, and the shame and hunt they faced after the war. While her story is that of an average citizen, she takes a slightly defensive stance, arguing that Hitler indoctrinated his beliefs into the people by using great methods of persuasion, brainwashing them to support his rise to power.

Through the personal story irmgard her childhood, Irmgard Hunt makes the hunt that Hitler and the Nazi regime capitalized on the innocence and naivete of the youth to help secure their power and the support of future generations through the alteration of all aspects of childhood including music, books, holiday traditions, role models, and clubs. Although she begins by discussing her grandparents wikipedia then parents lives, the main focus of her book is about how her life changed as Hitler moved into the neighboring mountain village, just above the valley where she lived.

Hunt was born ina time when Hitler had already spread his influence throughout Germany. When the war started, she was still a little girl, but irmgard accounts of her wikipedia life and experiences are vivid. Her father was drafted early in the war to fight on the French front, where he died irmgard after arriving. This left her mother a widow, taking on the role of not only caregiver, but also financial supporter, working to support her family. Hunt childhood was influenced by avid pro-Nazi teachers as well as her skeptical grandfather.

In addition, she saw her town changed by the Nazi elites moving in, living her daily life in their constant presence. She was even chosen out of a crowd by Hitler himself to have a picture taken sitting wikipedia his knee because of her exemplary Aryan looks, making her a local celebrity. She saw how difficult life became for most Germans, struggling to put enough food on the table, but how the Nazi elites drove fancy black cars and had many luxuries.

All of this influenced her decisions and opinions growing up. After her mother helped out with the youngest group of the Nazi Youth, Hunt herself joined, enjoying being part of group. Eventually the war ended and Hunt learned of all the horrors that the Nazis committed over the radio during the Nuremberg Trials. Hunt had to learn to live saloon gay bar minneapolis the guilt that those whom she had supported and believed in were murderous, manipulating criminals.

It is clear that Nazi propaganda targeted youth, and Hunt fell victim to Hitler's influence, as evident in her story. One way in which the Nazis targeted the youth to grow up in support of their ideology was through music. Although Germany had many traditional songs which had been passed down for generations, Hitler's new songs replaced the old ones, so that young children would grow up singing about Nazi principles without even realizing it.

On Hitler's Mountain: Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood by Irmgard A. Hunt

The songs were meant to be catchy so that children would want to sing them and start singing them without really thinking about the lyrics, subliminally sinking in the Nazi message.

The reason why music worked so well to influence children was because music was such a big part of the German culture, and every child likes to sing. In addition to music the Nazis created new children's literature to help ingrain antisemitic beliefs into them.

Similar to music, all children love to read and look at pictures in books. Learning to read is a natural part of development and Hitler made sure to capitalize on this. Books and pictures were used especially for promoting antisemitism in children.