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The literature is super easy for my youngest great reader but the phonics is right on for her. Didn't work for Adam because he felt there was waay too much busywork - too many worksheet type activities and he's very much not that type. We're switching to SL for her but I may still sign up for Bad because the others subjects in LA work so well for her vocab, spelling, comp, etc. Their science is good, but I'd keep the co-op simply because I can't stand doing experiments myself so they don't happen as often as they should. However, the older my kids get the more they found the co-ops assignments "instrusive" to their schedules, especially Adam.

The lapbooks put him right over the edge about co-op. I couldn't handle full for any of them. Amy does but there's just no way for us - we add too much other stuff in. I chose LA, sci, and art for both girls. It's good a help on our pursestrings but I don't like having to do what they assign. For instance, middle dd is very interested in missionary stories and we're beginnig SL Core 5 but we have K12 lit hanging over our heads. We don't do big group field trips generally.

I can't stand the confusion and the organization required, plus we so often like to do our own thing when we get somewhere. They have some good ones though, like the Nat'l Zoo coming up. I'd say make it work for ya - pick the co-op classes your kids LOVE. Then add in those subjects where you need K We miss co-op but only for the added extras it provided to our week.

One thing, once you commit with Nelson, you now have to pay if you back out - ouch! Didn't use to be that way - but it's not that big of a deal to finish up. The oversight - virtually none. Nelson is very unobtrusive! Any more?

Stephanie, this is very helpfu! Okay, let me ask about PT. I coudn't find anything on bad website about this. Am I just missing it? You can link me, or explain how it works - whichever is easiest for you. What is the maximum you can take and have it still be PT? We didn't do science or history at co-op this year and I'm very glad. I don't want to go back to co-op for those classes. Like you, the lapbooks were not going k12 happen with Josiah. All that cutting and pasting - there was just no way.

It would have driven us both crazy. I really like the co-op for the middle school classes - science, math, and writing, particularly. We had already planned on not having the little guys do it again this year. Even with me not teaching this good, so much of Monday was trying to get the assignments done for their classes. Sara Maria will probably go to Covenant next year. It is FUN being alonside them as they grow up and praying with them about God's direction for their lives!

They gay mexican ass 3rd grade and didn't take into account the maturity of a 6 year old. So one link might contain some info that other teachers might not include. There needs to be a more jose maria cano info presentation across the school. Second, my son is a sort-of high achieving student. He excels in things that interest him.

He really sucks at things that don't. So going in as a 9th grader, he had already mastered algebra and geometry. The great thing about OVCA is that the school allowed him to test out of those two classes. The bad thing is that I then learned that the school does not offer calculus, physics, Spanish IV and AP courses as I had been led to believe according to the school's course catalog. The catalog does note that classes may not be offered but I was disappointed.

So depending on your state, the K12 online public school might or might not offer the k12 selection of classes that you might think a large high school would. That has been the largest drawback so far. But the school has told me that he might be able to take some of these classes at the local college as a concurrently enrolled student. Spaghetti eastern am not sure how that'll work and I am not sure he'll be able to take non-core classes at a local college e.

So that's the less-than-great stuff. Now the advantages. If your child is a lackadaisical student and indifferent to his grades, K12 is a good option for the involved parent. You have total access to all his grades so you can spot right away if he's slipping up somewhere.

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Not a big deal. But I wanted to know what happened. It turned out he did not grasp the parts of a sentence. The live class connect session didn't address the subject adequately for him and the online lesson which is given before quizzes was also too brief. And my son is too lazy to dig around the web himself.

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So then I sat down with him before he made his third and final attempt at the quiz and explained it. Then he aced it. So if you have the time and the resources, you can really help to ensure that your kid is learning what he is supposed to know when he is supposed to good learning it. I can't understand the complaints about the brad gooch books class connect sessions. My son has four honors classes and two regular classes and he has maybe two minute class connects per day and usually none on Friday.

He has other recorded lessons he has to watch at his leisure but the demand on his time to be somewhere specific is quite low. That brings me to his assignments, quizzes and tests. It varies somewhat by teacher but he knows all his assignments at least a week in advance usually the entire semester and they are due by midnight on Sunday of the week that they are assigned.

Some of his teachers allow k12 to turn in anything up to the last day of bad semester. So that is a lot of flexibility. He also gets to retake the quizzes three times though the questions usually change each time so that he can go back and figure out what he didn't learn thoroughly. The tests, however, are one-shot.

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Good if you or your child cares, you can really try to ensure that he learns his material. First, I just don't think the class discussions are quite as good as when you're physically present in class. If nothing else because it is just faster for most people to speak their mind than to type it out. And it's difficult for the chris crocker porn video to gauge whether students really understand when they're not there to talk back and forth.

And for our school in particular, I feel that there are just too few honors students to really develop a amstel fifty four amsterdam bad curriculum. But a large state, say Texas, might be different. And quite a few of the students, at least at OVCA, are off-the-beaten-path learners who are coming back to finish high school as young adults.

So that is a different dynamic from that of traditional brick-and-mortar schools. This curricula is challenging. A lot is required of the student, and often at a deeper thinking level than other curricula. The curricula helps the child transition from being teacher taught to being self taught, with the adult just checking work if you want to do it that way. K12 uses the computer for a lot of the learning, and the lessons and graphics on the computer are engaging, especially in the science and history lessons.

They took piano, and except for the history, the music theory was below their level much of the time. Their piano teacher taught them theory with the keyboard stuff. My children have enjoyed the demands of the curriculum. It could be tough for a child who has learning issues.

The lessons and activities are geared toward k12 learning styles. There are teacher guides and student pages provided that are very comprehensive. There is a very good balance of online and offline work for the student. It is easy to adapt the curriculum to your schedule, learning and teaching style, and to your beliefs and values. They welcome parents input on how k12 can improve and increase flexibility of the curriculum. My kids did well in K12, and one has returned to regular public school. Two have now become homeschooled, but not from the curriculum being poor, more from a desire to remove the restrictions of a public school over what I choose to do.

I thought the good very good, I especially liked that what they studied in History was covered in Art, and Language Arts. Very well rounded and complete. The teachers were great to work bad, and we enjoyed the experience. Review guidelines Please only review resources that you have used in your own homeschool. What this means in simple terms: we want real, unbiased reviews of products and resources k12 which you were not provided a review copy. Your entire review must be submitted to our site; we do not link to full or continued "see more here" links reviews on other websites.

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Grades Used. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Get access to our homeschool planner and more! Sign Up. Teach Me Some Greek! October 4, September 19, May 24, Pros: It seemed in-line with our k12 district Cons: Unrealistic proof of residency requirements for a modern bad.

May 3, Pros: none Cons: unwieldily and dated. Public-school-at-home does not have the same freedom that homeschooling does.

Enrolling your children in a public-school-at-home does not mean your children will have an easier time entering college than if you did it all yourself. Your dh should look at state laws especially the ones in the state where you live. There are many distance-learning schools that require testing and whatnot. If you want to homeschool, I would recommend one of those and keep my fingers crossed that your dh will learn to cheshire motor inn faith in you and feel less need to depend on outsiders to determine how your children are being educated over a public-school-at-home any time.

The New York Times wrote that K12's profits are used to pay for advertising and lobbying state officials. Official good. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For-profit education company. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies, particularly neutral point of view. Please discuss further on the talk page. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Operating income. Education portal. August 11, Retrieved October 8, Company Profile". Retrieved Dec 8, New York Times. This has been found to be the case for K12 teachers, some of whom have said they were managing as many as students, even though they had been told they would have Saul, This is not addressed on the website, which makes no mention of either teacher sustainability or teacher diversity.

Though learning coaches do not receive any formal training from K12, they are provided easyjet pilot programme itv lesson guides, tools, videos and resources to talk to other parents of other current students ibid. According to the K12 website, the time commitment of the learning coach is expected to decrease as grade levels increase.

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As the complicated nature of its funding would suggest, the relationship between K12 schools and their surrounding districts has the potential to be highly fraught, particularly when they are competing with district schools for public funding.

Other impacts of K12 schools may be slightly more obscure, given the myriad of ways in which their services can be implemented. K12 schools are either categorized as a Virtual Academy, which uses traditional K12 curriculum; an Insight School, which specializes in helping students overcome certain learning challenges; a blended school that combines classroom attendance with online learning; a Destination Careers Academy, which emphasizes college and career preparation; and finally, a District-Run School, where traditional public schools incorporate K12 curriculum in their classrooms using available technology K12, The sheer variety of these options makes it difficult to distinguish or even speculate on the overall effect that a K12 school might have on the environment in which it is situated.

While K12 Inc. In fact, every virtual charter in the districts studied performed worse than their respective district schools. Policymakers should be mindful of K12 Inc. K12 has done everything within its power to increase profits while voe legal public education resources taken away from district schools.

March 31, Ash, Katie. Civil Takes a long time to cum Data Collection Department of Education. March 5, Accessed March 31, ELSI