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So I was afraid that, for some reason, they would think my intentions were different — but I just love them as human beings. And to me, that alone means more than anything. Sign in.

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Log into your account. And it wasn't until we started rehearsing and stuff that I was like, 'You know what? These songs are great. I'm gonna have fun performing them. It doesn't always have to be this huge spectacle.

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Making them was something of an endurance test, shooting and editing every day. It was me and four other, like, year olds. I swear I blacked out for those two weeks, because we worked so hard. Working on a tight budget, the concepts were kept basic, but varied, as were the locations—wrestling in the desert in "God In Jeans," wandering L. Most feature Beatty playing to camera; some include Andrew, a swarthy friend of Mihajlov, in settings that straddle the playful and erotic; and they all communicate the image of a new Ryan Beatty.

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The way that they're shot—it just feels right with the song for me. There's this grittiness to it that translates well. Abstract took the directorial reins on "Bruise," the first video from the record, released last spring. With Beatty goofily skating on a suburban street, it could pass for a Brockhampton video, while the song itself garnered attention for its remembrance of going to a dance with a high school girlfriend -- and ending up in the bathroom making out with a boy.

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Everything that I write definitely comes from a real place. But now?

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I feel like I get to finally, truly be myself. It made me feel like I was doing something wrong even though I had accepted it. I needed to tell someone and I felt like I was lying everyday. I had put out songs with female pronouns and I talked about girls in a way that it felt not right to keep that going. But, I came out to my family a year before that and they were supportive.

My family has grown so much and I am honestly grateful that in a way I can be an example for them.

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Did the misery you felt when you were younger have to do with you being in the closet? I think that was getting my dick sucked by a guy me back creatively. For a long time I was really embarrassed by them because it was weird. I had started doing it inbut then I made my own channel in It was more like just doing this, not even questioning anything.

I embrace it more now. Even though I did take down the videos it was more because I want to be able to tell my story in a way that I want to. A lot of back then was me compromising with what I felt like people wanted from me, including the people I was working with.

Because, at first I was doing my own thing and then I got involved in a management and indie label deal that turned out to be really toxic for me. This ryan really an intense word but I felt like I beatty being brainwashed in a gay. That was what I thought would only work for me. July 23, Studio Archived from the original on November 1, Entertainment Weekly. MTV Buzzworthy Blog. The Denver Post. MediaNews Group.

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