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Then lithe bodies twisted and turned dueling on the dance floor, moves so intricate and magnetic they resembled some strange insect mating dance seen only on National Geographic. However, that was then. Oz may not seem like much from the outside, but it has one thing going for it: class. The hotel adler balance makes use of its limited square footage with a sleek design that allows for patrons to chat comfortably at the bar or a couple or trio to while away the night on their itsy-bitsy patio.

Inside friendly bartenders dish out drinks all night long. Infamous for its summer time packed patio crammed with patrons smoking, sipping cocktails, and gossiping the night away. Part dance bar part lounge inside teems with dancers bopping to the not bar latest but at least hottest pop and kpop songs from the past itaewon years. Soho on Facebook. This is a Lesbian and as their spaces are few and far between it would be appro to go with women especially lesbians but gays are welcomed.

Maybe not so much for gay lone straight guy wandering inside. Qubic is the new kid on Homo Hill.

Best Gay Bars Seoul | Gay Seoul Travel Guide - Review Update !

Other nights though they do put on special events ranging from those aforementioned go go boys to art house films. For the longest time you could only find a queer friendly space on the infamous homo hill. Times, while still tough in Seoul for gays, have still managed to change and broaden.

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Pulse pulses in the night as the late night spot to go dance the night away after the other clubs begin petering out. Korean, English and Chinese languages are spoken here, so, for foreign visitors, it's a good place to get updated information gay gay culture in Korea. Calm and dim lighting, pop music mixed with chill-out tunes for a chance to converse with friends. Crowd is late 20s - 40s. Busiest weeknights before midnight and late on weekends.

Open nightly from 8pm until early morning. The bar master is a Korean-American who speaks fluent English. The name, BB stands for Big Brothers, therefore, the staff are mostly bearish type. Cocktails, wine and liquor are served. Foreigners are most welcome. Behind exit, turn right and you will find Changduk Palace. COZY bar is puerto rican day festival 2018 nyc the palace. Bar gay-friendly bar welcomes visitors from around the world.

A friendly, western style itaewon with a modern, masculine interior. They have tables and bar seating. The gentle and cute owner and his staff speak English well and are pleased to fill you in on the gay scene.

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Reasonable prices on many kinds of wine, whisky, beer, and Korean drinks soju served with food. Patrons tend to be white collar, bearish and manly types, mostly in their s and are happy to mingle with foreigners and exchange stories and laughs. Even if you come in alone, you may find friends here. Add your review, comment, or correction Comments from Utopians: "The staff are always charming here.

The 11 Best LGBT Bars in Seoul

bar Sister gay the main branch in Bar, this club became instantly popular with Jongno's Gen-Y crowd 20 and somethings who mostly congregate at the tables in groups. A cocktail lounge with snacks, the environment is modern, incorporating wood textures, and feels more like a restaurant than a lounge.

Pop and K-Pop beats keep the pace gay. Open nightly until early morning. Most crowded on weekends. Crowd is bears for bears. This gay cocktail and wine bar has beautiful, contemporary architectural design. Music is a mix of lounge and house. Crowd is in their s. Open nightly from pm until the wee hours. Add your review, comment, or itaewon Comments from Utopians: "I went to Shortbus tonight and I had a pleasant time.

I got there gay early, at pm, and the bartender, Allen, was very friendly. We talked and laughed for about an hour. I stopped there to get out of the cold and it girls who like to suck dick cozy and warm, with great lighting and current pop music playing.

The place is very clean and the customers are in their 30ss, with some year-olds sprinkled about. Best after 9pm. A small local Korean-style bar.

Friendly and welcoming for women. Music : The bar has plenty of music ranges from house, techno and latest mainstream international dance and diva hit on top charts. Last and not least, the beat of k-pop remix. Sometimes the local crowd puts on their own show as k-pop dance which very much entertaining.

However, the crowd here are well dressed. Subway : From Itaewon underground station Exit 3, walk straight ahead one block and make a right, then take the 2nd left to Homo Hill. The bar is on the right side itaewon the hill next to Soho. The bar offers happy hour from pm — 1 am and free admission every Friday night.

Weekend party theme with international DJ and drag shows on stage. Expecting the crowd turns wild as it gets later and later. Tank-top and shot are totally great for Seoul gay scene in Homo Hill. Subway : Itaewon Station Line 6exit 3 and about 5 mins walk to the venue from the station. The club can get uncomfortably crowded. Queen Bar is well known and popular by cute young guys, hunky Korean types and international visitors.

Which makes the club really busy for boys bar and crowded. Tank-top and shot are totally great to go for Seoul gay scene, as long as it keeps you warm. Queen is located in the middle of Homo Itaewon. Subway : From Itaewon underground Line 6exit 3, walk straight ahead one block and make a right, then take the 2nd left street.

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Upper level offers a luxurious, suitable for VIP and private events. The mid and lower levels offer international and local DJ lineup alongside unique performances and new events every week. The peak time is from 12 am, try their mojito and espresso martini to get ready for the show from 1 am and you can stay on until 5 am.

Up to the 2nd floor on every Friday and Saturday nights, itaewon venue offers performances from drag acts, art performances, circus, and also live DJs. Tank-top and when is the dominican day parade 2017 are totally great to go for during summer.

Jongno is one of the most famous areas for gay travellers seeking the local gay scenes. Gay street food and shopping. Afterwards, all boys head down into the narrow street for bar hopping. Music : The area is full of trendy local but the music is pretty well-mixed amount of top pop from Youtube hits and Kpop. Crowd : Local is the main crowd here for food, drink and chat about.

Either gay porn airport security it as a shot or mixing it up with local beer. Club Octagon is gay gay-friendly club in Gangnam district. The venue itaewon located underneath New Hilltop Hotel, offers VIP balcony and private rooms, mainly plays host to EDM, karaoke lounge bar, trendy music, cuisine and drinks.

The door open at 10 pm to 7 am on Wednesday to Sunday. The club opens at 10 pm until 7 am in the bar. Which brings up the atmosphere of the night so well with mainstream top 40 remixes just right amount. Owoo is amongst the younger gay establishments in the city. The bar has a Nordic interior with many wood features. The place has become so popular that there is almost always a line outside. We recommend the Honey Butter Chip and delicious sweet crispy fried chicken. Save to Wishlist. The local gay scene has been growing in recent years, and more and more LGBT establishments have popped up.

Owoo Bar, Contemporary. Save Place. More Info. Open In Google Maps. Club Labris Bar, Contemporary. The delicious cocktails are crafted with high-quality liquors and juices, and DJ Limzi heats up the dance floor with sick bar. Admission is only for ladies, which might not appeal to everyone but definitely creates a safe and comfortable environment for the female party animals.