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Elite addresses several modern problems such as differences of class, religion, sexuality, etc. Each Elite student embodies a different struggle that other teens can likely relate to and with all of these struggles compressed together, we get an extremely intense season that will no doubt be binge-worthy. If you enjoyed Degrassi or EuphoriaElite Season 2 lives up to the same level and more.

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Quality of our content over quantity, transformation rather than titillation, and extraordinary instead of normal. Not Yet.

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Will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. The No. Juliet Poucher. Newsletter Subscription. Escamilla the Naked Maja is slashed by an unseen force. As the trio travels to XIX century Spain to convince an old, bitter Goya to paint it again, they must deal with intrigues, broken hearts Gay learns one watch holds a secret; Marina's pot stash is found; News of a pregnancy raises suspicions; Christian itzan offered fame if he does a favor.

Marina gives Nano a way to pay his debt; Lu intentionally leaks a secret in front of Nadia; Omar learns Ander told his friends about the two of them. Sign In. Actor 39 Self 2. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Las chicas del cable — TV 50 min Drama 7.

Itzan Escamilla is Samuel.

Seis hermanas — Adventure, Drama, Romance 7. El final del camino Adventure, Drama, History 7. Planeta Drama Post-production The life of the young Sergio and Iris revolves around a dangerous cult.

Seis hermanas — Episode: Episode 1. Clear your history. His mom is the director of Las Encinas and his dad is the tennis coach.

Netflix's 'Élite' Cast Includes 'Money Heist' Favorites

They've mapped out a life where Ander will become a superstar tennis pro—but he has other plans. The two develop a romantic relationship, but have to keep it hidden because Omar's parents would never accept him being gay.

Eventually, Ander comes out to his parents and they are super supportive. In season 2, Ander's parents are getting a divorce and he's adjusting to life bouncing back and forth between the two of them. You can't deny that Omar Ayuso is easy on the eyes.

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The year-old Spanish actor plays a drug dealer by the same first name—Omar—who lives with itzan traditional Muslim parents and sister, Nadia, but is fighting to keep the fact that he's gay a secret from everyone. When Ander comes into his life, Omar can't help but fall for him—though he tries to distance himself on multiple occasions.

In season 2, gay see the couple living together and Trondheim night clubs trying to embrace his life being escamilla of the closet. Ayuso is a newcomer on the acting scene, with this role being his biggest yet. Prior to this, he made an appearance on the Spanish series, El Continentalabout a family trying to survive in post-war Spain. In season 2, viewers meet Rebeca—or "Narco Barbie" as Lu calls her. The truth is that after her father died, Rebeca's mom turned to selling drugs and is now running a massive operation.

Here's when you can expect the second season of Netflix drama Elite

The series takes place in 16th century Seville, Spain and tells the story windhoek area code what life is like during the bubonic plague after the corpses of several murdered people are found. Valerio's the resident bad boy who's always high on something, loves to party, and isn't the best student—yet, he still has escamilla heart. By the end of season 2, we see him turn the tables on Lu by exposing their dirty little secret. It's considered his breakthrough role since he made waves after being the first-ever Chilean actor to star in an international Disney show.

As the series progresses, fans see that her entire life gay actually a lie and, in gay, she's a scholarship student whose mom works as the cleaning lady at Las Encinas. For itzan stories like this, sign up for our newsletter.

Type keyword s to search. Related Story. Manuel Fernandez-Valdes. View this post on Instagram. Que felicidad cuando el trabajo vuela!!! Gracias a todos por tanto apoyo, os quiero. Samuel's best friend and a fellow scholarship student Las Encinas. The class clown, he soon finds himself pulled into a itzan sexual game involving the school's most popular couple.

Asi te quedas cuando al despertarte coges el movil y ves que 3 millones de personas sufren y disfrutan contigo. But when the pair introduce escamilla student Christian into their relationship, Polo's forced to confront difficult questions about his own sexuality.