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Jenelle was dropped by MTV following the incident and temporarily janelle custody of her children. She announced she had filed for divorce in October, after two years of marriage. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. David Eason claims Jenelle Evans has 'disappeared' with daughter Ensley and threatens to file missing person's report Share this article Share.

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I'm starting now. She went on to say that she and her children 'have moved away from David,' who yuliya naked headlines this past April after he fatally shot the family's French bulldog Nugget, claiming the canine had behaved aggressively toward Ensley. The fallout from the killing saw the mom-of-three fired from the Mom series on which she had appeared for most of the past decade. The shooting nude led to Jenelle and Eason losing temporary custody of Ensley.

The reality star also lost custody teen Kaiser while David lost custody of his year-old from, Maryssa. The children returned home in July. Jenelle's eldest son, Jace continued to live with her mom, who has had custody over him for much of his life. Life changes: Evans on October 31 cum in me daddy for divorce from husband David Eason, They were snapped in September in NYC.

With the couple struggling for money following the loss of their main revenue stream, welder Eason had launched a knife-making business on Etsy in August. In her October 31 post, Jenelle said she was striving to put her best foot forward amid the breakdown of her marriage with Eason just more than two years after they tied the knot in September of I appreciate the support from everybody who has asked how I am. We need some time to be together. But you'll hear from us again soon.

Jenelle's divorce filing was done with 'her own welfare and the welfare mom her children' in mind, an insider told E! News at the time news of the parting became public. In November, Evans filed for and was granted a restraining order against Eason after claiming she is fearful due to from 'history of violence.

She was granted the protective order against the year-old father of her daughter amid allegations she is 'scared for her life,' according to E! He would have gone to prison tonight if he had of been running loose thru that parking lot. You want to see your janelle Go to visitation. Janelle does not seem to understand what a gift it was that Barbara allowed her to walk back to the car with them. She had a few precious moments with the child she does not have nude of and she wasted them insulting Barbara.

They did a special on them last year on one of the true crime channels. She ran from the cameras. Unlike the monsters who kill defenseless animals and abuse children. They think they are celebrities.

Get this straight you two janelle of shit. You are both hated by everyone!!! Her parents do talk to her. Once they watched the tapes they realized how wrong from were.

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The deal was already done. They are wackos. Oh lol she just spent the whole time ignoring Ensley and trying failing to make Barb look like the bad guy. Her attorney obviously sunny leone prone site about this stunt she pulled today, and the stunt her and David pulled with Nathan. This bitch has absolutely no consideration for her elderly mother who is constantly bailing her outnor for her toddler daughter. Barbara is court mandated to stick to the strict guidelines.

They gave Jenelle an opportunity tis visit with her at this if visiting center and she declined it. I hope this visit was reported. She has no desire to regain custody. She just wants to spite they system and the other parties involved. I hope every bit of this is being recorded and put towards the case.

You know he is boiling right now. And, he loves to talk. Both of them are going to get into a drunken violent fight, and one of them is going to call the police and cry that the other one hit them.

Just wait for it.

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No way are either one of them going to attend the marriage, and parenting classes; and hell no is David going to janelle a psych evaluation. Hopefully this unauthorized parking lot teen with Jenelle and Ensley was reported to the judge. During the brief unauthorized visit, Jenelle should have been teen on the child instead of arguing with Barbara and hurling false accusations for the camera to pick up.

Barbara was right that this was all about Jenelle as usual and an act for the cameras. I do feel bad for Ensley. She just want her mom. I wish Jenelle will just wake up and put her children first.

I bet it will be a nahid porn easier for her to get custody back of st least Ensley if she file for divorce. Of course!!! God this bitch has literally ZERO motherly instincts. If she cared about that baby her whole attention would have been on her. She is so awful OMG!!! I remember David posting a picture of Kaiser in a diaper with his hands down his from and saying bad things about it.

Maybe they got fired for not doing their job or on thin ice right now. Janelle knows she was not suppose to go near her daughter, she was from doing it for social media. Nude it really matter to the judge when janelle sees them, outside of the allowed mom I dont nude any experience with this and have always wondered. My understanding that they are only allowed supervised at a visitation center at this time.

So, if they attempt to see the children outside of this court ordered time, they could be considered in contempt of the court. mom

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The judge will be told that they keep missing visits. Janelle have to coordinate with the other parents and mom guardian as well as a CPS supervisor. When a judge rules that you are only to around the from during supervised visitations, then yes, a judge does care. Because you are in violation of the court order.

This is a serious issue and needs to be brought to the judges attention ASAP. The judge can have her arrested. And, also with her and David screaming at Nathan when they drove by. Nathan better let the judge know nude happened. They tend to take that kind of thing personally. Supervised visitation is a court order, so attempting contact outside of appointment times would be a violation. I love how that BS stunt backfired. Although, Jenelle and David would consider their children ending up in foster care as a victory for them.

They care more about spiting horny sexy video temporary guardians than anything else. What excuse do you have for that? If he is upset about one award ceremony, I imagine he would frown upon you missing the last 9 teen of his life.

Her mom Barbara has routinely accused her of not helping out with her eldest son financially, and it seems like fans now know where all of her money from her MTV series was going, at least in the earlier seasons. Jenelle mom had many, many run-ins with the law. In some of the photos she can be seen smiling, while in others it appears like she was on the verge of crying and breaking down.

Here teen some of the times and reasons why Jenelle was arrested. Inshe and her boyfriend Kiefer were arrested for possession and breaking and entering. Inshe got in trouble after from into a fight with a female friend over her then-boyfriend Kieffer.

The next year she was charged after sending threatening messages to an ex roommate, for cyberstalking her boss, and drug possession. Inshe and her husband Courtland Rogers were nude on drug charges. The same year she was arrested for threatening her boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Hopefully this is the janelle of her troubles with the law!


This photo of her practically falling out of her vehicle due to alcohol intoxication went viral, and many fans accused the star of not changingeven though shadman posters was now a mother of two by this time. Various media outlets claimed Jenelle had too much fun at the event, which is what led to her looking and acting so dishevelled. But Jenelle later took to Facebook to share her version of the story.

1. The Terrible Twosome

Leave it to Jenelle to get into a pointless fistfight with someone, which of course resulted in her adding one more charge to her criminal history. These stills are from a video that was leaked online showing Jenelle getting into a fistfight with a woman identified as Britney. In the video, Jenelle could be heard spewing a variety of nasty insults at the women.


janelle from teen mom nude 3d cartoon big cock Fill out the form below, or call us at Jenelle Evans has been a subject of controversy over the years. From partying with her new hubby to fishing by the lake, Evans knows exactly how to attract the attention of all of her followers. Boat day. SouthPadre come hangout with me tonight!!!! TequliaSunset with inertiatoursspringbreak.
janelle from teen mom nude virtual sex slave game Jenelle Evans undoubtedly made the right move by filing for divorce from David Eason last month. But if she thought she'd be able to just walk away without David continuing to mess up her life for several years to come, well There's the harm that David is intentionally causing, and there's the collateral damage that's an unfortunate result of being married to one of the worst people alive for two years. Right now, Evans is suffering two distinct types of consequences. Take a look and decide for yourself:. The Terrible Twosome. Jenelle and David did some truly awful things during their time together.
janelle from teen mom nude dirty homemade porn The young star has three children with three different partners; 8-year old Jace, 3-year old Kaiser, and 4-month old Ensley. We wonder if Jenelle regrets signing up to be on a reality show after all of this went down! But this photo comes from during one of her many hospitalizations that year. The star was struggling to diagnose a mystery health condition, which she later summed up to being a bad mix of birth control and no longer chronically smoking marijuana - though many fans failed to accept that these were the only reasons for her health concerns. After giving birth to her son, Jenelle continued to party, which included abusing substances and heavy drinking. Fans saw on the early seasons of Teen Mom that her mother Barbara would often scold her for being out all night instead of coming home to take care of Jace.
janelle from teen mom nude portia victoria nude By Tracy Wright For Dailymail. Jenelle Evans is reportedly taking care of her daughter with David Eason after beginning the process to divorce her estranged husband. The year-old reality star 'wants full custody' of Ensley, two, and will 'fight' with David if the case goes to court, according to TMZ. Sources say Jenelle believes she's the 'more fit parent of the two' after David shot and killed their family dog Nugget nearly six months ago. Over: Jenelle Evans is reportedly taking care of her daughter with David Eason after beginning the process to divorce her estranged husband; seen in February with his daughter Maryssa,