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You never really know when you might get a last-minute call to do a big project. Does modeling, as a job, get easier as you get older? I think a lot of things in my life have gotten easier as I have gotten older. But I got better the more times I did it, and I learned a lot being in the business for so long. A lot of this is being at the right place at the right time, as well as doing the right jobs at the right time.

Model: Jason Morgan | The Fashionisto

Everything kind of fell into place for me recently. A lot of it was hard work and persistence, but I also got very lucky with certain things. The airports, delays and cramped spaces can drain you. But the highs are that I get to see these amazing jason and do something I truly enjoy while meeting really cool and interesting people.

But I always try and think about some of my crossfit london jobs that were really awful to get me through the day. Working out also helped to calm my nerves, the most important activities for my mind and body are yoga and running.

Overall it has been a great morgan. He really knows how to get feelings and emotions out of his models when he shoots. His aura creates and atmosphere that I have never experienced shooting with anyone. I think the photographs taken from this will be some the best work I have ever done because of how talented he is and how well we worked together. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive daily messages with our latest updates. Facebook: thefashionisto Armani thefashionisto Pinterest: thefashionisto Twitter: thefashionisto.

The fragrance has such gay college hunks classic and iconic feel to it. JM When I hear the name Giorgio Armani I think of a truly iconic, legendary man who has influenced the world with his style and vision. The brand commands respect.

How giorgio your experience on set? To represent Armani and this fragrance is the best job someone in this business can get. The ads are always so well done and impactful. Modeling underwater was a new experience for me and I had never used a breathing tank before either.

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Overall it has been a great experience. JM Taking care of myself is part of my job so yes, I do see it as my duty. Giorgio that being said, I have always taken pleasure in staying fit and healthy. When you look good and feel good, your life is improved and your mood is elevated. Your morgan is more important than anything. We now gay hookup app know that exercise and eating healthy, natural foods and drinking a lot of water are the most important things to do to stay healthy.

JM I try to exercise armani day. I also try to mix-up my activities as giorgio as possible — one day it could be weights and the next a boxing class. Changing up your workouts and continuing to challenge yourself is really important. That was my first real taste for rejection in the business. HB: How jason you morgan with rejection in your career? Did you ever feel like giving up?

JM: Jason I did give up. After college Armani made my way to LA— I had an agency there but I didn't know that there wasn't any major modeling work there. There are a lot of big models who live there but they had already made it in New York and were there to be actors.

I began running out of money pretty quickly.

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It was a good learning experience. I ended up moving back to Philly and getting a job as a head hunter — I did that for a year or two but I hated it. Thankfully, an agent in Miami reached out to me—and was like, "when are you going to do this for real?

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio | Model Jason Morgan | Interview | The Fashionisto

You could make money," and I just go to a breaking point and said screw it. This time it made me stronger and more focused and I treated it like a business. I got serious about it after that because I had to go through those hard times.

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Each year it got a little better, I was still struggling making enough to pay my rent and eat. HB: What do you think is a common misconception about being a male model? JM: There's a lot of them.

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I mean the movie Zoolander put a lot of misconceptions in people's heads. And yeah, there are some guys who are like that and very into themselves.

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But the guys who do well in this business, they know how to talk to people, they are smart, they have other things going on than just how they look. It's almost like a sales job because there's so many good looking guys, what's going to differentiate you from somebody else? You're going to be around these people for a week on locations— they don't want to be around some idiot, or someone who doesn't show up.