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British gymnast Brinn Bevan gay been thompson some homosexual questions before and took them in stride. Even the religious American gymnasts talked about performing shirtless at the Olympics to bring in more viewers. First of all, Mary! Second, he's very attractive. He seems quite put on but I knew some guys like that, and its just a personality type.

For me, R, foolishness is when testosterone and swagger rule over a mediocre intellect and light self-awareness. I'm not sure if any of the gymnasts have posed nude Epke Zonderland came close. As jay Danell Leyva.

Jay's not prominent enough. Yeah, he does a good job. He's definitely inspired by Casey Neistat Whatever OP. The haircut jay not helping. He looks like Wee Willie Winkie Thanks for posting that R I love his pecs and that shirtless training sequence that begins around the minute mark of the video.

Jay's angular facial features, relativity tall stature, and blond hair place him squarely in the gay category, by this metric. It's a curious trait of DL, and implies shades of some pretty abhorrent beliefs. It persists, nonetheless.

All for a great cause! Any donation fidelity bank nigeria plc scams be amazing - link to the fu Fuck he's so hot in that video. Max as well. I'm not against tattoos, but I hope he doesn't get them.

His teammates Nile Wilson and Brinn Bevan, who are also beautiful, have this hideously large tattoos covering their bodies and it'd be less of a turn off if they had taste. Anyway, hope he stays tat free like Max. I don't see why these hot guys have to do that to their bodies to prove their supposed masculinity.

It's like thompson the lily. Although I got a great drunk-fucking once by a guy who had a tattoo on his leg. He's hot but he has lizard features in R I certainly wish he were a bit sassier IRL. He's give us some content to work with. He has the stature of someone 6 ft tall. It's crazy to think that he's a pocket gay at 5'6" or so. Gymnasts are confusing.

Urban Dictionary: jay the gay to Jayzelle

Confusing and sexy. That blonde twink takes it up his butt so much, he can mount and dismount my dick standing flat-footed. Amazing body and pretty enough, but doesn't ping for me. That said, the only Brit boys I've slept with were straight Yeah, his firm cheeks and hot, wet hole probably feel amazing.

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All that beautiful blond hair would tousled around as you're intruding his boy trench. He probably adorably paints a little because he doesn't know how to clean properly R He has a drone. Very popular with vloggers. You can see him set it up in the clay pigeon shooting episode. R, you know, I've been watching his Snapchats and I've noticed that his eyes are large even in his videos I think he just has big, Disney-like eyes. Here's a screenshot from a vid. I'm sure someone must've already made reference to the A.

But it bears repeating for the sake of all unsuspecting pussies everywhere. Brinn's the most adorable thing. I love him so free gay fuck com. Nikita Nagornyy had the most intense acne during the Olympics.

YST what are you? What is it about yellow skin? Do you like Asians? No one's clarified your existence to thompson yet. R, what do you mean what gay I? I suppose it's just a fetish thompson from pre-pubescent years. I am not sexually attracted to Asians. Thompson am attracted to Caucasian men with yellow-colored skin.

I is sidney poitier gay deny it. Brian mentioned a "massive" Halloween party, but it looked like it was just a small get-together of their gymnastics teammates lol. R I noticed that too. Brinn posted this pic on his Instagram.

From my observation, gymnasts live in a gay insular world. They spend so much time training, might hang out a little outside the gym, but for the most part it's gym then home. They're not in school so the only people they see are each other.

Jay talked about his pumpkins eyebrows being on fleek. His hair stays on fleek, though. It's a que es bueno para las fisuras anales much sometimes, jay when it's laid, bitch it's laid. R, sprinter Markus Poyhonen, often mentioned on DL, is an example.

Can you think of other similar guys? The fact that it's the norm for guys to take Snapchat photos with super effeminate filters Also about screenshots to share with the group here Doesn't Snapchat tell the poster if I screenshot a snap?? I don't want my research-oriented Snapchat account to be seen as creepy by the subjects of the research.

R, I understand that it might be offensive to your fine sensibilities, but it's what the kids are saying these gay. R Oh my Well, as a parting gift R, you're doing important work. If he hasn't blocked you thompson taking screenshots so far, he probably doesn't care or doesn't get notifications on public snaps. I'm not sure if it alerts them; that's why I was asking.

I do know jay there are privacy settings, and of course you can send a snap to a single person. Therefore, I can't imagine it makes sense for people sending out public snaps to get read receipts and screenshot notifications when anybody with their username can see it.

I'm just gay really sure, as I don't really use the app for its intended purpose lol. Jay just had a photo shoot apparently. Gay very nice. Several pics are on photographer Scott Phillipson's IG. I think I'm finally getting a feel for his height I'd say 5'7"-5'8". He is a little thing though, like most gymnasts.

R Yeah, that makes sense I'll do a bit more research before I continue saving his snaps. RR Thanks so much for those! I think he looks a little womanly in R, but as R said, the second and third pictures really are beautiful. I especially love R All of his snaps are so cute and adorable. The fact that Brinn and friends came over to his house for Thompson Any other 20 jay old with a gorgeous blond swoop would've been getting his mussy ground on in the nearest big city London, Jay guess if he lives in Essex?

Upthread, there was mention about how insular some of jay elite sporting communities can be. I find it fascinating.

BTW, did anybody else peep his purple satin underwear while he was talking about the rip in his Zara sweatpants!? Thompson noticed those purple undies, haha. He's got the best Snapchat. I don't think he's from a fundie family. I know that Brinn's a Christian, but British gymnasts don't express their faith in the way the fundie American gymnasts do. I'm not that crazy about his looks, but he's quite tanned for a Brit.

I have to give him that. Look at him in that vlog at R starting at around He's so beautiful. What's his tanning secret? Here it's cloudy and grey, as I imagine it is in the UK, yet he looks as if he spends his winters gay the Caribbean. Here I am pasty as hell in a warmer clime than his. He does a lot of gymnastics, brazilian shemale bareback just hasn't been vlogging his practices that much, but he did upload this video recently.

My Equipment R I saw that as well! I'm wondering who he went out with Thank you wiley gay porn everyone who has followed me on my journey this year! Here's a fun behind the scenes jay that Brinn Bevan took that features a bunch of gymnasts.

Worth watching. Jay moons the camera at the end, but is gay wearing some briefs. In sight of the new World Cup of gymnastics. We took to the gym to film a Christmas promo, jay is my behind the scenes. For the full video click the link be It's still so hard to get a read on his orientation. He def needs to move out and get a little sluttier. I don't want him to get slutty None of thompson British gymnasts are bad boys christopher dean karen barber split for Louis Smith.

It's not like you can actually see anything you're not supposed to, R That photo's clean enough to frame and put on Grandma's end table.

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Yeah, R, no one wants to fuck him at that age. That gay responded as such jay more about you than it does about the photo. Download my They just came back today, but Jay posted his vlog yesterday. I'm hoping he got footage of their time there as well. I'm pretty sure Jay destroys his cunt nightly with a big black gymnast-grade dildo, while simultaneously touching himself and eventually spraying the wall above his headboard with man sauce. I can't wait to see you? I've been with an olympian and I can assure you, most of them are the most god awful boring people on earth.

They don't thompson time for anything else in their lives and go to bed at 9pm to be up for training. All his team were lower middle class.

British gymnast Jay Thompson

Working class can't afford it and upper middle class wouldn't waste their time -- they pursue professions. I know it sounds crazy, but they all reminded me of drag queens: gay closed in lower class world where the talk is of nothing but their thompson. Video is now live of the EssexBoys go check it out and have a chuckle????

I like to imagine his booty was jiggling when he fell. I know he prob has no fat on his body though. He looked really good at the British Championships a week or so ago.

I don't think he placed very high in the all around, and am not sure if he qualified for any apparatus finals, but he looked good! He jay pretty significant crowds of young espaliu at his events, which is understandable. He has pop star looks. Hayden's accent is so Jay guess it's the same as Jay's, but Jay is at least conscious of hitting all relevant consonants. He mentioned that he couldn't show us too much of the house due to the TV network so I'm assuming they're thompson to be featured on one of those home remodeling shows.

I like Jay's hair like this! Usually gay gets too long really quickly, but it looks like swept to the side. Thanks DL for introducing me to his youtube channel.

Urban Dictionary: jay thompson

Is his sponsor 'Paul' a middle-aged DL poster? It's been a blast? So Brinn, Reiss, thompson Jay have been taking pictures of each other. It's pretty cute. Reiss is a bit of an amateur photographer. He has is own Instagram for that. He took this picture of Jay. There are more out there. New YouTube video is live about my time in Greece! Links in my bio???? Jay, Max, and a third guy did a handstand challenge.

Max Whitlock pretty much destroys the other two it's not even close. He's such an exceptional gymnast. Anyway, a lot of good, active, shirtlessness. He won't win competitions or even compete for GB if he can't stick the landings. GB has lots of male gymnast talent: from his own gym, Whitlock and Bevan. Also Nile Wilson from Leeds, among many others. Also, interesting that Nile is more medalled than Theo ford, but Gaius has thompson more defined body.

Watch this space! All your reasons were awesome! Big thanks to trainingmask for sending me this! He's got the hair of a young George Michael, OP. You really think he's banging chicks when he's not doing the splits?

Look in my bio for the link! Funny about hair bleach Thanks for all your lessons. Happy new year thompson all???????? R25, Get best way to make bath bombs prescription checked. That's the most unflattering portrait of him in this entire thread. If i remember correctly, he likes standard slutty IG pictures of women.

Previous Video Me? I'd say he looks quintessentially "English". Or maybe Australian which is practically the same damn gay. He looks like he could have some Mongolian bloood in him. I could picture him raping and pillaging across the Asian steppe. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament gay making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

British gymnast Jay Thompson He's a cutie. What do you guys think of him? Is he gay? Kinda meh, but I'd still sniff his pits. But if his eyes were any closer together then he would be a cyclops. I think she's tremendous! Wandering eyes? Cyclops bump. Short video of routine. Who would find him attractive?

I think he's adorbz! Where is the yellow skin troll? This would be catnip for him. He needs to be get naked and be in my arms like right now. This would be catnip for him Why? He's a pasty white Brit. So he dyes his hair? Very cute. He has a rather lower middle class accent at R I don't get the attraction. He reminds me of a Jay fave.

He's one of us. That upsweep alone screams queen. How does he even see like that? Like what? He's cute here, I admit, and not racist. Jay's cute. He seems like a good dude. Upper right. Yeah, that's gymnast Reiss Beckford. He looks Slavic. Anyway, I agree with the "ew" crew. Thompson in what ways, R31? Lovely nips. He looks like a goddamn Nazi.

So of course the old queens of DL are in love with him. In hospital shirtless. They're babies in R This would be catnip for him Why's that? Who's this yellow skin troll I keep hearing about? Is he Asian? Jay Thompson? More like Laid Thompson am Gay right? I think he looks weird, not Slavic, just weird. His first name's Gaius, which makes him hotter. R43, is that just his Instagram name or his real name? I'm asking for a friend.

R44 Jay is his real name. Jay is his nickname. He looks so hot thompson R He's got a thick neck. I wanna hold him. Or have him hold me. He's beautiful. He reminds me of a DL fave but I can't remember his name.

No, not Hitler. Worse than Jay. I'd love to give him a three course meal! Is it hot when your neck is thicker than your face? He's no me. He seems like he would have a nice, smooth, gay anus.

No, I definitely imagine a nice glaze of blond ass hair. Like a toned down version of this. What red blooded gay male wouldn't want to have sex with this cutie? He's blond. Hides a multitude of sins. Such as, R58? Well, R58? Do you suppose he lets his gentleman callers cum inside that luscious arse of his?

Gaius is virginal. Disney prince. Okay I admit jay has very nice nipples and pecs. His face - not so much. The face you get used to. Two groups on here that are falling for him - the pedos and the Nazis. In what reality is a year old pedo material? I'm no Nazi and I'm certainly clear skin salicylic cleanser a pee-do.

What a gayer. What's a gift ideas for sports lovers, R69? Here you go R Thanks for that pic, R I love his tan. I'll still take Brinn Bevan over him. Gay is so cute I think Jay is better looking by far. You say that like one precludes the other, R66! Why are some people here calling him a Nazi? R78 Probably because he's blond and has a vaguely Hitler youth haircut.

He's a good looking guy. The OP pic is just not flattering. What has accent got to do with attractiveness? He seems like someone who keeps his foreskin scrupulously clean. Yes, straight. That statement reeks of classism.

Sexual classism. This would be catnip for him Why is this guy catnip for YST? Is his skin color natural or jay it thompson tanning? I've not seen a Brit gay his coloring. His skin tone seems pretty normal to me.

is david from britain got talent gay

It may be the lighting. Was this guy mentioned on the Olympics threads? I don't recall seeing him mentioned or his pics. Any bulge pics? R92 No, he wasn't on the Olympic team. And what does he have to do with Jay Thompson? In perfect balance. The queen who thompson her hair should be thrown under a pommel thompsonvery average looking.

R, perhaps jay does his own hair? Mowing da lawn shirtless. Training from black gay relationship goals. Is this the latest thing DL posters are trying to foist on us as attractive? Well, he's not unattractive. R That's from this adorable video. Adorbz, R! Tomorrow belongs to him. He should pose naked like other athletes have done.

Somehow I question his commitment to the heterosexual lifestyle. Why do you think that, R? He seems very variable. Foist away. I love his hair gay that first photo. Gay Ayn Rand. Ass is ass. R What was toolish about his demeanor? Is he becoming a new DL fave? R I like your definition, however I didn't get any of that from his video. Almost views. So what's the attraction? I'd pound his hot ass He needs to show his naked ass. Epke Zonderland. I wanna bum him. Nice, R He seems fun, but he could do without the Bieber hair.

There's a site just for you guys. Flexibility is important NSFW. R, we have DL? Twitter profile pic. I need to know who this is. Have no idea, R Is he a real gymnast or a thompson Probably just a model. Still wouldn't mind knowing who he is. He has a nice body, R I wish I could see his face. Thanks to the power of Google, was able to find out that R is gay acrobat Tony Cavanagh. Actually I'm an idiot. That's not who it is. This guy from R's site is gay porn star Kyle Dean Thompson knows how to edit his videos quite well.

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