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Wait again. Do not click "Save". Click Apply instead. The router formats the available space. Click "Save". Daniel B Daniel B 38k 8 8 gold badges 74 74 silver badges 95 95 bronze badges. Not a proper answer, but to long for just comments: Spinning rust aka classical HDD s can be written many times. Admin Recent changes List all pages Site Manager for admins.

Create account or Sign in. What it is In the tomato context, JFFS refers to a part of the internal flash memory in the router that can be used as additional storage space. Problems with firmware upgrades JFFS is very jffs because it lets you install additional data jffs the router without having to rely on an external support.

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Amount of free space JFFS is allocated within free blocks of flash memory. Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises.

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Pages Retrieved Archived from the original PDF on File systems. Comparison of file systems distributed Unix filesystem.

Journalling Flash File System - DD-WRT Wiki

FAQ: [ ] There man gay daddy confict in sport emulate spi with spi flash card on board bfstamp when boot.

FAQ: [ ] After wakeup from mem, underrun may happen with ad on bfstamp FAQ: [ ] Can not detect ad on sport1 in trunk and r1 on stamp FAQ: [ ] There is error in adau audio testing on bfezkit FAQ: [ ] sometimes sdio mmc device node can not generated correctly after partition FAQ: [ ] Kgdb smp test fail in trunk and branch FAQ: [ ] i2ctwi test failed to run on bfstamp FAQ: [ ] Strace fails to build in trunk with linux FAQ: [ ] kgdb test fail for xenomai kernel FAQ: [ ] ad hangs while using sport1 FAQ: [ ] dsa test fail as it fails to ping eth2 port FAQ: [ ] Sometimes it fails to run aplay with adau board FAQ: [ ] Can not record audio with adau board FAQ: [ ] Underrun will happen when test linphone with ssm on bfezkit FAQ: [ ] Can not detect usb bluetooth dongle on bfezkit jffs FAQ: [ ] can not apply xenomai patch to latest trunk FAQ: [ ] build iproute2 may fail at ifstat.

FAQ: [ ] ad probe failed on lastest svn trunk FAQ: [ ] Kgdb test fail after kernel update FAQ: [ ] dmacopy test fail and cause kernel crash FAQ: [ ] can't generate uImage with buildroot FAQ: [ jffs Can not ping between two adf FAQ: [ ] failure after resume during standby mode power management test FAQ: jffs ] latest build inttostr needs missing wchar support in tools FAQ: [ ] [ltp] waitpid03 test fail in ltp-full FAQ: jffs ] [ltp] epoll-ltp test case will crash FAQ: [ ] Characters are missing in kernel prompt FAQ: [ ] Fail to build application strace in latest trunk after kernel upgrade FAQ: [ ] Fail to run kernel xip test for shared-flat mode in latest trunk after kernel upgrade FAQ: [ ] TCP hangs when lot of traffic from 2 or more devices to one host on the same switch FAQ: [ ] After smbfs is substitute to cifs,kernel jffs crash when mount samba server FAQ: [ ] usb camera can't use on bf FAQ: [ ] Fail to read jffs write to smb server in latest trunk FAQ: [ ] sysv shared mem shm funcs have a small mem leak FAQ: [ ] strace build fails after linux FAQ: [ ] Endless loop in rtc-bfin driver FAQ: [ ] Some error message shows up when scan usb storage devices with isp FAQ: [ ] trunk head toolchain gcc test fails by runnning on trunk head kernel FAQ: [ ] awg and ndso builds fails on bf stamp for undeclared macros FAQ: [ ] Strace build broken in latest trunk FAQ: [ ] pound stress test fails now FAQ: [ ] iccutils build fails at scalar.