Jockstrap under running tights

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If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Categories August in General running. Hi All, Having been running about a year now and with the colder months approching I have to ask this question, 'Should men wear shorts with running tights' I would be grateful for views.

Many moovz dating. August Personally, I think its fine to cover them with shorts if you are insecure and are less than well endowed. I just don't get why we have to keep discussing men tights it tights, its not a declaration of your sexual preference, and its not against the law as far as I know. Wear whatever you find comfortable I run in tights, go commando underneath and do not wear shorts in the attempt to hide them.

If I wanted to wear shorts I would not running think should I wear tights under these, so why the other way round. Thanks Under, It just makes you think when your 16 year old daughter tells you you should wear shorts other wise I would not have given a second thought. If your asking a practical keeping warm question, here's what I do. I wear split shorts when I race and when I train and its warm or first experience with a shemale. See jockstrap If your asking a question of appearance and social acceptance, heres my subjective compleatly unscientific opinion When ever Im at a race I look for the guys and girls in the shortest shorts and the running vest.

RunningAHEAD - Topic: Saw a guy in a jock strap yesterday

In otherwords zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ian M. Another vote for wearing tri-shorts underneath. I wear nothing underneath. I wear shorts over top.

I am not normally a bashful person, and frankly it doesn't bother me too much, but those tights are tight. I suppose they could be tighter but not much is left to the imagination. Usually I do not change my clothes just to make other people comfortable but I do in this case. Maybe if they were a bit thicker I wouldn't have to. Old thread New Thread. View profile.

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Rss Feed. Moderators: k9caralicefoeller. Expert Bradenton, Florida. Subject: Mens Running Tights Questions Just bought my first pair of running tights and now have several questions: 1. Veteran Chaderbox AM in reply to: On your right.

Johnny Roadrunner Cool Runner. I don't understand thong-phobia! LockedinaCage Member. Both while wearing lil running shorts.

Once was ok but the other time ummm something about the way the lining was rubbing up against passau maps, cuased certain things to happen.

What sucked is I think a passing car saw and it caused a car wreck IP: Logged. What sucked is I think a passing car saw and it caused a car wreck LOL!

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I live in Chicago and in the cold months never feel warm,it is always windy no matter which way you are pointed. The tightswill slide better and cut down on time. The colder I am the faster I go which helps with times. I wore the kind that are build into the shorts. A friend once borrowed my hockey equipment and actually wore said jock shorts.

I had to burn those after. Canadian princess. I buy the underwear for my son who plays football. I have seen the straps, but not the shorts. I try not to linger in that aisle. Pigtail Connoisseur. We used to get drunk at bars and walk around in jock straps and see how long it would take people to notice.

It's amazing how long it takes Have some strong opinions on men sporting activewear?

Mens Running Tights Questions

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Men's Style. Search Site. Men's Style Ground zero for the world's best clothes for men Contains: This article contains a photo gallery. Men's Style Cameron Robbie is a man with stories to tell Contains:. Style Advice Should men ever really wear tights?