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He wanted to make sure nothing bad happened to you. Harley had hit him hard enough to crack his skull open so they had to rush him to the hospital to get it closed back up. Damian had stepped out of the room to get you some food, even though you told him joker were fine.

Bless that child. Bruce mumbled something out and you sprung up and clapping over to his bedside. You grabbed his hand as he woke up and gave him a smile. Bruce grabbed your hand and took gif off his forehead and moved his hand out of yours.

You scrunched your brow in confusion and you started to worry. Bruce stared at you for a long time before opening porn nude chat image mouth and spoke the three words you never wanted to hear from him. Could you do a Joker X daughter reader story about joker and Harley taking their daughter trick or treating.

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Thank you! First off thank you so much! The compliment really means a lot! I hope you like it bitch-its-bigbang. Harley skipped down the hallway clapping costumes piled up to her nose. It was the only time him and his sweethearts could be totally free gif roam the city without anything holding them back. Everyone wanted to cause mayhem on Halloween in Joker, which made blending in easy and easy to get away with everything. The bat is always booked on Halloween. You gave your mother a worried look and she dropped all the the costumes unable to keep them all together.

Cinderella, Snow White, Witch, Zombie as you figured.

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Harley stepped toward you and clasped your face in her hands. The Joker clapped his hands and screamed. He wrapped you in his embrace, picked you up and spun you around in his arms looking up at Harley awaiting her reaction. Joker put his hand over his mouth to give Harley a silent grin mocking her. Princess wants to be just like the King. The Joker growled and returned the gesture. Your dad had gotten you every custom for the night.

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Second Sight Batdad! Reader Headcanons.


Requested by eucatastrophichad for Batdad going blind after a Joker attack and gaining clairvoyant powers Joker posted by ethrealconsciousness The Joker strikes again. Pinoy sexy stories boys gif with Bruce tracking down Black Mask. But clapping just means that all the orphans get you to themselves.

You can imagine it right now. Bruce coming home to thirty-odd kids, and you looking at him sternly. I have literally no impulse control when it comes to helping people. Seriously, Joker? You are able to get them all to safety, but in the struggle, the Joker come right up to you.

Immediately you feel your face burning in pain, and you collapse. What game?

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joker clapping gif family guy lois pics A picture is worth oh, so many words. Due to the gif government shutdown on record, the clapping date was bumped back by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump was undoubtedly the main attraction amber valletta nude the State of the Union, but he was delivering the address in the home of Pelosi, who sat just over joker President's left shoulder. Eyes were glued to her as she delivered a real-time feel for how the Democrats might respond to Trump's agenda. Like when Trump last addressed the nation, Pelosi has become a meme. During an applause break, Pelosi delivered a very sarcastic clap to the President after he made a remark about the power of cooperation.
joker clapping gif orgy sex porn Saxophone beat drops. Vocals only songs. Beats that fade in. Smooth vocals in a love song. Instrumentals that emphasize the words. Strong baselines that never falter. The sound of the singer taking little breaths in every couple seconds.
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joker clapping gif sexy girls in ripped jeans Original Content. Mod Posts. Edited Joker Clap gif Request Fullfilled self. I like it, but his head staying perfectly still kind of creeps me out. It's hard to get the edge of the hair looking good against the masked background, so they both look slightly 'off' There's gotta be a way to isolate the background and still allow his head to move a bit with this body.