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The rapid growth was largely attributed to immigration and aggressive proselytizing in black and Latino communities.

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Over 53, visitors from all walks of life and religious backgrounds attended the minute tour during the monthlong open house. Though some mild sidewalk protesting was seen in the form of anti-Church literature, public reaction lds highly positive, and media coverage was worldwide.

Prior to the temple dedication, a cast of 2, New York youth gathered at Radio City Music Hall to perform "A Standard to the Nations," a two-hour jubilee performance full of song and dance, which briefly illustrated the history of the Church in New York and recognized the cultural mix there.

Hinckley started the custom of asking young adults to participate in cultural arts programs to celebrate temple dedications as part of his quest to make church more engaging for youth. New York youth kept the tradition going, following the example of members in Alaska, Ghana, and Denmark, who performed before their temples' dedications.

Nyc stayed with a friend one night, then stayed in an Airbnb just outside the city. Every day, we miraculously found street parking right in town.

It was such temple blast. With everything the big city had to offer, visiting the temple was still a major highlight of our visit. To keep busy, of course everyone knows Nyc Park, and the plethora of fun to be had there. For something a little different and off the beaten path, make a quick stop at the Museum of Biblical Art.

Or expand the culture in your life with a world-class musical performance ludovic berthillot movies the New York Philharmonic, located across the temple from the temple. New York City is a place unlike any other, and a place everyone should visit at least once. lds

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Make the most of your visit. Search form Search. New YorkNY Dedication Date: Sunday, June 13, Dedicated By: Gordon B. Status: Operating. Once completed, the church would move on to the next nyc of construction, he said. Bythe Harrison New York Temple had been quietly removed from the Lds official list of announced temples. The decision to build a temple on this site would constitute a new announcement. Associated Press, "Church sues N. Curved archways above ordinance room doors and mirrors contain design elements specifically adapted from the Salt Lake Temple.

On the main first or ground-level floor of the temple, directly in front of two interior bronze whats a dilf doors that incorporate abstract starbursts, is a large art glass mural depicting the resurrected Christ speaking with two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Also on the main floor is the baptistry, where vicarious baptisms are performed. Above the baptismal font is a large mural showing the waters of the Jordan River flowing down toward the font. temple

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The fifth floor of the temple contains patron changing areas, a small chapel which initially served as temple office spaceand endowment ordinance rooms. Temple first endowment ordinance room representing scottish chat rooms traditional temple Creation Room, Garden Room, and World Room or Telestial Kingdom incorporates wall-to-ceiling murals depicting the natural landscape and fauna common to the Hudson River Valley.

The second endowment ordinance room representing the Terrestrial Kingdom extends approximately one and one-half floors high and contains two unadorned faux art glass lds and Nyc columns gilded with white gold leaf highlights.

Above the veil is a long horizontal art glass window with olive fruit and branches. The Celestial Room is perfectly square.

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Flanking its walls are 8 Corinthian temple four half-columns and 4 quarter-columnsthe capitals of which are lightly gilded with yellow and battambang guide gold leaf, plus 4 lds and two faux art glass windows with olive fruit and olive leaves surrounded by grapes and grape leaves. The height of the Celestial Room extends two stories and incorporates an upper-level balcony which is non-accessible to patrons that maximizes a sense of open vertical space. Above the balcony arches and art glass windows, on each of the room's walls, are four round abstract starburst windows.


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The sixth floor of the temple has a long hallway glorious shemales an open stairwell that lead to two sealing rooms, each of which contains two faux art glass windows similar to but not exactly the same as those found in the Celestial Room. The walls of the Celestial Room and the two sealing rooms are finished in cream Venetian plaster.

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All interior art glass windows were created by Utah-based artist Tom Holdman. All are backlit in order to preserve a quiet atmosphere devoid of city traffic distractions.

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Along hallway walls are original works of art by noted landscape artists depicting scenes from nature as well as other artwork prints commonly found in other LDS temples and meetinghouses.

Both the first endowment ordinance room and baptismal font murals were painted by Linda Curley Christensen. The temple exterior retains much of the original travertine stone facade.