Linda ronstadt a long long time

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Long Long Time - Linda Ronstadt | Song Info | AllMusic

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Billy Pilgrim, unstuck in time. My Opinion Unrequited love is a painful thing.

Long Long Time (Originally Performed by Linda Ronstadt) Lyrics MIDIFine Systems ※

The heart yearns for whom it yearns and hope springs from yearning,much,much more than from a practical evaluation of the odds of success. It feels like a long,long,time indeed until things resolve themselves. General Comment This song describes a pathetic person. In response to "all the while you fell over girls you never knew", I would say "yeah, and he didn't know you either, Linda".

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Linda Ronstadt - Long Long Time Übersetzung und Songtext, Lyrics, Liedtexte

Various Artists. Seventies Feelings. Flashbacks: Easy Lovin'. The Linda Ronstadt Box Set.