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Now it is my real pleasure to walk you into my new sculptural piece.

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The piece was started in March of this year in Halls Gap, Victoria during the world premiere of my new 'Object Lessons: Adventures in Assemblage' workshop. The mirror was removed from a turn-of-theth-century 'pyralin ivory' hand mirror. The silver was selectively removed and a collage was assembled on it. Lobue also resulted in locking down the work's title.

The com stayed like this until June, when it was brought halfway around the world to Mineral Point, Wisconsin, where it got a small inset lensed portal below the mirror. With that small addition, A Quiet Talk returned with me to Sydney and waited patiently in the studio.


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November sees it take center stage on my bench. The next step changes the piece significantly. I am off and running before I have a chance to grab my camera and document. Such is the creative spark. Early 20th-century steel scissors are riveted in place between the handle and a several-hundred-year-old piece of hardware thumb-latch?

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I cut and insert 18th-century book covers to fill the handles. Next, for the bottom of the handle area, I choose a lateth-century wooden organ stop handle, removing the pyralin-ivory text 'Stop'd Diapasm Pedal' from the front with a mind to using it on the back of the handle. I've drilled the cavity out substantially to create a larger chamber, and affix steel wire loops to help tie it down.

Stuffsmith: The Found-Object Artwork of Keith Lo Bue.

Apologies for the long delay in posting the finish of this neckpiece, it caught me just before a teaching trip to the US and time got away! Let's pick it up where we left off last time.

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