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LA RESISTENCIA - Entrevista a Esther Acebo y Mariam Hernández - #LaResistencia 20.03.2019

Today I'd like to share with you this amazing project called "The Galion Project" that I've been honored to take part in recently in Tarifa.

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It is not only a network project but it gives them the opportunity to discover actriz and it is a great activity for team building. And here is where I join the Project. My main goal is to help people improve their skills in kiteboarding, giving a few tips based on my experience as a Professional hernandez. That was the easy part, hehe, the big challenge came when they asked me to do a presentation in front of everyone telling my story of who am I and how I got from being a Banker to a Pro Kiteboarder.

You can't imagine how nervous I was as it was my first speech in front of a group of such successful people. The result? I never thought my life could be inspiring to other people ; and it is amazing the similitudes between top athletes and enterpreneurs.

We had plenty of wind xxx gay all the 4 days of the event, even a little bit to much, hehe, with the crazy levante wind but definetely we had a lot of fun and good moments. mariam

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Check out some of the photos from the event. It was a pleasure to share coaching with such big champion as Alex Caizergues, the fastest kiter on earth! I am very grateful to have been part of this first meeting of and I am very much looking forward to see you guys in Brazil!! Hola a tod s!!

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The guys from ArteVida taking good care of us. Mi objetivo mariam es ayudar a los participantes a mejorar sus habilidades en kiteboarding, dando algunos consejos basados en mi experiencia como kiteboarder Profesional.

No os podeiss imaginar lo nervioso que estaba, ya que era mi primer discurso frente hernandez un grupo de gente tan importante. El resultado? Os dejo algunas fotos del evento. Fue un placer compartir coaching con Alex Caizergues!

Estoy super agradecida de haber podido tomar parte de este primer evento de actriz estoy muy impaciente de volver a ver a todo el hung gay males en Brasil!

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Hernandez go get it! Happy New Year everybody!! Sorry I've mariam a bit absent lately but I'm back! New year, new projects and new trips around the globe and very excited to share them with all of you. First of all tho, I'll like to do a couple of post during this following next days about some important moments actriz that I didn't share with you yet well, I did on Facebook and Twitter but I want to do it now gay porn grindr here.

I can't believe the trip I am gonna tell you about was that long ago, February! It seems as if it was last month in my memories!

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I would like to introduce you to San Andres, one of the most actriz islands I've been. It doesn't have the luxury you will mariam in Cayman Islands, but for sure is has the charm of its people and the most crystalline water I've ever seen!

A Police giving me a hand with the board bag. Love traveling light! It wasn't very easy for me to hernandez there, well, more than "not easy" maybe I should call it "heavy"!! If I usually travel heavy, this time was even heavier It wasn't a simple return flight cam4 black San Andres but a 3 trips in one. I was already coming from Patagonia, with all winter clothes and wetsuit, and after Colombia I has heading to Cayman, so this was the result, haha, a couple of nights without sleeping, dropping bags and needing help to put them back into the trolley!

You really gotta love this! The event was great! I was just a little bit unlucky and I hit the reef on the second to last day of comp and I broke a fin and a fin box, but that is part of the game, if you take big risks you can win or you can loose.

I don't really think I lost but for sure I learnt from it!! Add to Featured:. Instagram Feeds:. Best Post Thumbnail:. Best Post Comments Count:. Best Post Likes Count:. Mariam Hernandez Influencer Analytics. Travel Fitness Lifestyle.

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