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I'm excited to be taking this on with such a formidable cast and with the massive and wonderful forces of MasterVoices. In this staging, they become a protean central character; at once the core community of Orfeo and Eurydice's world, as orphic as set architecture and landscape. Of the collaboration, MasterVoices' Artistic Director Ted Sperling says, "I'm voices to lead this youthful, emotional, and provocative production, reimagined in a far larger scale than its original premiere.

This is MasterVoices' most ambitious production to date, and we are lucky to les fГЄtes vГ©nitiennes campra such stellar performers in the lead roles and an immensely talented creative team for this ancient story. MasterVoices Chorus Orchestra of St. Sunday, May 6 at p. Monday, May 7 at p. In the summer ofCostanzo became an exclusive recording artist for Decca Gold, and his first album, a collection of arias by Handel and Phillip Glass with Les Violons du Roy, will be released in the fall of Hopefully, an encore will follow.

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Your Email Address. Well, perhaps if there had been titles for the English text, we might have gotten something out of it beside the irritation of trying so hard to understand the words.

We canvassed the audience members nearby and a dozen people in the elevator to see if anyone had heard enough text to tell us but not a single soul had understood. That's just a problem of singing inEnglish.

Titles should always be provided.


Orphic we don't think anything could have gotten us to enjoy the music. Perhaps there were some gods in the audience who would have allowed Orpheus to keep voices reputation as the moments singer of all time but we would have revoked the award on the spot.

Sometimes we appreciate a fresh take on an old work but transgender homeless shelter nyc our ears perform the aural equivalent of eyes glazing over, this is not going to happen. The Orphic Moment episode, which involved modern dancer Bobbi Jene Smith and solo violinist Keir GoGwilt, seemed interminable but finally things got back to normal for Orfeo's famous aria--"Che faro senza Euridice" with its gorgeous melody.

Costanzo invested it with all the requisite feeling, achieving artistry through master skills of word coloration and dynamic variation.

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His messa di voce almost made up for the prior alienation we felt. Ted Sperling's conducting was as excellent as we expected and Zack Winokur's direction was fine, especially in the opening scene which is a wedding celebration turned funeral ode when Euridice gets bitten by a snake.

MasterVoices Presents New Production Of ORPHIC MOMENTS At JALC Rose Theater

Yet the use of chiming instruments ties it to the loveliness of Gluck. This was an idea that triumphed in freshening up a centuries-old work and honoring it at the same time. Anthony Roth Costanzo, also a Faith Geier artist, is both lead singer and producer of this work.

With a group of young opera artists he has formed the American Modern Opera Company. Aucoin is a co-founder.

Orphic Moments - MasterVoices

We make opera, but we want to pay attention to all the senses. When a piece involves dancers, singers and instrumentalists, they all have an impact on each other. Whoever is responsible for this choice by Master Voices will hopefully be involved in future decisions, because this unconventional choral presentation was terrific.

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Orphic Moments presented by Master Voices.