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The cause of death is midtowne investigation. The man, whose name has not been released, was last seen alive on video going to his room at the gay bathhouse at p. A staff member found him unresponsive the next spa with a chain wrapped around his neck, according to the spa manager, who identified himself only as Michael. The room, No. He had been a member milwaukee the spa since I do not believe for a moment that he intended to harm himself.

He just thought he would try something and it ended very badly for him.

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The ABC affiliate reported that he was a registered sex offender, convicted of second-degree sexual assault of a child midtowne Log In. And most importantly, why were spa coffee and snacks sitting out all nonchalantly on a table? Did people really eat here?

The club, excuse me…the spa was pretty crowded that night. Weird, but okay. We continued through the maze and realized that, once inside, every doorway would most likely lead to other men in varying states of undress, doing a wide variety of things to either themselves or a willing participant.

We also noticed that no matter who you were, you could easily get lucky if you prowled long enough or stuck your peter through a nearby gloryhole.

Thoroughly lost, we parked ourselves in a steamy, cubism-inspired room with a few older gentlemen most of the men were older, actually who seemed chill. Hate it I don't love it Filthy They treat customers like trash Gay cities is forcing me to give it a star They don't deserve it. Also management can talk down to customers at midtown but gay cities won't let us name banes or get personal The negative reviews milwaukee here are mild at best Good but could be better I like this place.

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I've been there four times. It is clean and has all the amenities. The only thing I would change is the following: the front desk employees let their "buddies" hang around the front desk and other areas.

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These buddies are just there make this uncomfortable for other members. Also, some of the employees seem extremely young.

Aside from this, the leering gawkers who are not there for the same reasons as those others of us, I would highly recommend this place. It's great to have a place like this.

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It's an OK place! Could be cleaner. Cheesy, bad taste atmosphere. Trendy, modern sauna in gay village. Upmarket atmosphere with spectacular views from sundeck.

Very large and clean sauna.

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One of the best saunas in Africa Midtowne Spa occupies a "cream city brick" building on two floors with an outdoor patio. There is abundant on street parking and an off street parking lot which accommodates 60 cars. All parking is free.

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The Spa is Americans with disabilities compliant and has a ramp access to the front door, along with a handicap parking space in the alley. On our first floor is our reception area, the locker room which is equipped with full size lockers, a full weight room with in floor heat and air conditioning. The Cybex Gallileo line of weight equipment is state of the art.