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Sunny was also an adult actress. Most of her wealth is acquired from her modelling and acting career. As one of the most popular porn stars in the world, Sasha Grey stunned and delighted audiences with hardcore scenes. Retired at 21, she is a highly intellectual person formerly in the industry.

Bree Olson also made plenty of money off sex toys as well as porno, of course. She got so famous by the quality of her sex toys.

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She even dated Charlie Sheen. He's considered one of the greatest porn stars of all time, has slept with almost women and he's rich. Proof that looks don't matter, but size does. Bree Olson has worked with some of the biggest companies in the porn industry, and has made big bucks at a really young age. She's been in Penthouse as a model and also appeared in some TV shows, all at by the age of Katie actually first entered the porn industry to make money to pay off her bail after being arrested for transporting 45 kilos of weed!

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That's pretty badass. She soon became a star, and recently transitioned to mainstream cinema, making good money in the process. Another veteran of the porn industry, American Lex Steele has acted in more than a adult films, directed more than a and made appearances in mainstream TV as well.

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He most a stockbroker before he joined the industry. American model and former porn star Jenna Haze is an adult film hall of fame inductee. She has won several awards and appeared in mainstream movies like Superbad as well. The multi talented Evan pornstar appeared on most of his adult films under the name Spyder Jonez lame, I know. Here are 14 adult movie stars whose net worth is seriously outpost richmond to make you feel bad, really bad:.

She might have quit it, but her legacy lives on. Popularly known for aTelecine, her industrial music band and various mainstream movies paid Hollywood biggies like Elijah Wood, Sasha made quite some big bucks in the porn business.

14. Sasha Grey

Steele has starred in over 1, adult movies and directed more than of them. She entered the industry not with a motive to entertain but to pay off her bills. Oh no, not rental bills. Katie had been arrested on charge of transporting 45 kilos of weed! She has recently made a transition into mainstream cinema.

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