Once upon a time husband quiz

You have to really like staying at home and home cooked meals for this man. Yep robin hood shot your heart. This caring man is the best of them all. He might have stolen your wedding ring, but who cares! He will always love you, he also really loves kids. You must have to love kids to get this sexy hunk of a man. You got this lovely man. Scott Foster, actor of Kristoff from Frozen. He is mean and croydon clocktower library on the outside, but on the inside he is a sweet caring loving man.

What quality does your beau love most about you?

He has a dog named Sven. You must really like animals to be with this sexy dude. Seize your swords!!! You got this big bad boy. He all nice and bad-ass on the outside, but on the inside he loves you very deeply.

That is his favorite line. You must be a real bad girl to get this man. What Once Upon A Time man is shemalesfuckshemales com destined husband? Find out what hot guy is your love! Created By Cesttafille. On the weekends you are mostly found Chilling at home.

Checking out guys. Pampering yourself. Playing sports. Hanging out with friends. Hanging out with dogs.

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Being the leader in your group of friends. If someone gave you a stolen item, what would you do with it? Give it to rightful owner. Keep it Keep it and then give it back to the owner clamming that you saved it. Adam4adam logo is your favorite part on a man?

How many guys have you kissed? Okay, too many to count. Only one guy.

What Once Upon A Time man is your destined husband?

If you think that a guy is cheating on you what do you do? Follow him everywhere he goes. Cut any girl that goes near him. Assure yourself that he's not cheating. Cries in a corner and say my freinds were right about him. Ask him. And yes Henry is only 13 but you will never find anyone more devoted than him. Henry believes fiercely in all the people he loves even his evil second mom.

Your Once Upon A Time boyfriend

Henry would never abandon you and no matter what choices you make he would support and believe in you. He may be just a boy but Henry will be the best husband for you one day. You got Peter Pan! You might be thinking 'Yes! I got Peter Pan! Peter is full of secrets and hides out of fear. You don't want to mess with him. But if we've learned anything about light and darkness in OUAT it is that villains have some light and heroes have some darkness. Let's just hope you're special enough to bring out the light in this boy.

Which of these OUAT men is your future husband?

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Created By Isabella Miller. Pick your choice weapon. Dark Magic. Other People. Which of these personality traits do you think you could overlook? Living by a code. Which of these is most important to you? Good Looks. Earth, Air, Fire, or Water? Which of these stereotype boys are you most attracted to? The Country Boy. The annoying one that eventually wins you over because there's more to him than you thought.

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The boy next door. The popular one with more to him than meets the eye. The Bad Boy. Eyes, Smile, Hair, or Body? Where would you rather live? The Enchanted Forest. Anywhere I have power. On a ship. Which of these is your favorite Disney Princess? Snow White. Yin or Yang? How many kids do you want? Over 2.