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Be it a mixed drink, map beer, or something a little more Japanese, King helps you get your gay on for only yen a pop. K's Hills is a classic, smallish gay bar where the staff is attentive, the drinks well made, and the vibe fun but refined. Seventy percent of the customers are regulars, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a drink with people who are not simply out gay hook up. Unless that is what you were looking for, in osaka case it should stop you!

Your first drink "set" snack included will run you 1, yen, with additional drinks in the yen and up range. Various types of guys come, though most are in their 20s to 30s. Women are only allowed on weekdays, and even then only when they are accompanied by a man. Karaoke available. Hours: 8pm-4am Mon-Fri, later on Sat and days before public holidays. Open 7 days a week. Physique Pride Osaka is great for a quick drink since there is no cover charge gay drinks start at yen. If the vibe mostly gay men in their 20s to map strikes a chord with you, you may want to stay denmark chat online more!

Hours: 8pm to midnight of weeknights, later on weekends. Closed Tuesdays. Google Map to Physique Pride Osaka. Village is run by the godfather of gay in Osaka, and this expansive club has not just history, but energy as well. Mixed ages, sexes, and orientations, it's a place for just about everyone! Saturday nights feature a popular drag show at 11 or so, with another one at osaka 2am. Hours: 8pm-5am daily. Address: 2F, Doyama-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka While Umeda's Doyama area is where gay most brightly shines, there is indeed life beyond. Best if you speak a bit of Japanese when you venture into these places, but hey, a smile and some simple English will also work just gay corrigan. All the places listed here are welcoming of foreigners regardless of English ability.

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The following is a few bars to start your exploration with. G Physique osaka human rights and HIV awareness initiatives, like special events and map, sponsored by the Osaka City government to give back to the community, so you never have to feel bad about having too many shots here. Just upstairs of G Physique is Explosion. Bright neon colors and disco balls decorate the flamboyant space. This bi-monthly show stars extravagant drag queens and shirtless go-go dancers who entertain the crowd while live DJs get the crowd going.


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Dance osaka the sun comes up and the first trains start running. Know of any good spots in Doyama or Osaka in general we may have missed? Let us know in the comments! Freelance writer and weirdo from New Orleans, Louisiana.

More articles by Brooke Larsen. Please help us keep these listings current and correct. Special thanks to kimchiseoulcosmo30robobaesimagenes gay para facebookdarkbeatcuinkospupcramberrybogRLabj1negroJuan Carlos, Papi, Joe, Tony, Jeremy and Toshiya!

Mostly older Japanese men go to Tennoji these days, but some of its saunas are more broadly popular. Instructions to the Doyama-cho gay nightlife area: from the JR Train Station, take the south exit, turn left and cross the street to the Hankyu Gay Station building and continue through to the other map where you will find the large, red HEP 5 shopping center with the huge red Ferris wheel on the roof and to its left, adjacent to the elevated tracks, an alley next to the shops bult uder the tracks.

Continue down this alley two blocks until it dead-ends at the main avenue with the overhead highway and turn right to the corner map the major intersection. Doyama-cho is now diagonally opposite from where you are.

Cross left under the overhead highway, then turn right and cross the smaller diagonal street. You are now at gay corner edge of Doyama-cho, a maze of late night bars and restaurants. Turn osaka at this corner and walk to the next alleyway and take a right.

Take this alley straight ahead to find Lupu, Coco love hotel, and Hokuoukan sauna. Explore the alleys to the right in the vicinity for many of the bars mentioned below, which advertise their names on rows of small signs that rise vertically on the building exteriors.

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The sign on the street is in Japanese, so don't bother looking for it unless you read kanjijust look for Bacchus' sign instead. Master: Hiroshi. Friendly, well-established Japanese-style bar. Young crowd. Bar sponsors group osaka. You'll be most comfortable here if you speak map Japanese. Very friendly small bar with a family atmosphere. Customers will chat up foreign guests out of curiosity, at the very least.

Japanese style bar so a nominal gay "table charge" will be added to the bill and includes a snack.

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Karaoke available. Crowd is in their 20's and 30's, mostly Japanese with some foreigners, especially visiting Asians from around the region who are made very welcome here. Taiwanese and Japanese-speaking staff. Some English spoken. Open daily from 8pm until late.

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Ranger more…. Shift Elegant bar with several choice of wines. Taiyo more…. Town Space H2 more…. Village more…. Zakoza more….