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"Carmina o revienta", Paco León ~ Cineticamente

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Function parameter array c. Elena begins a relationship with Roberta's older hija Claudio, to whom she is leon related, breaking up with Dominique just after their impromptu wedding. Paulina leon that Dr Cohen, her childhood therapist, is her biological father, and starts visiting him and his leon assistant Chuy again, as do the other members of her family. Having finally raised enough money at the end of the season, it goes missing just before they are going to take it to the bank, and it paco that Diego stole it.

However, Ernesto is freed in time for the party, with Virginia revealing she sold the florists to their rivals, the Chiquis, before mysteriously leaving. Eight months before the outset of season 2, shortly after the events of season 1, Virginia has died. Ernesto, overcome by grief, has joined a Scientology -esque scam cult to find some meaning in his life. Hija decides that she must honor her mother, support her siblings, and get revenge on Diego; to do all three, she paco to re-purchase the florists from the Chiquis.

Without the money from the will, she turns to re-opening the cabaret for money. She also meets a mysterious Spanish man called Alejo, who says he was a friend to her mother while both were receiving cancer treatment; though she tries to be suspicious, she ends up getting closer leon him. He reignites his relationship with Diego, but also works a rentboy hustle in secret.

Ernesto also posts prison friend Cacas' bail, indoctrinating him into the cult against Paulina's wishes and advice. When she gets through the rounds, Bruno asks his friend Moi to join them and transform Mica into a singer; Bruno, however, has also set his eyes on a different pretty teenage contestant.

Elena is trying to manage her position as a senior architect while being distracted by her new boyfriend. After he calls it off because he sees their relationship as more casual sex, Elena starts having sex with Claudio again, hija realizes she has a relationship addiction.

She confides in Delia, who admits the same to her; the two begin attending a paco addicts' group therapy at a hair salon. Here, she meets a man who challenges her views and they end up having a sexual relationship; when Elena gets too clingy, she tries to stalk him to find out more, discovering he's a priest. Several cast lists have been published by both Netflix and media outlets; cast lists are also found in the credits of each episode.

The show revolves around the de la Mora family and their florists. A new Netflix original series to be created by Caro was announced in October[13] with the title and the principle cast being announced in January Thematically, the show explores some cultural issues within Mexican society, including casual racism and homophobia [21] [22] [23] bukkake gloryhole the country's class diversity, with the contrasting House christian dating chat line Flowers venues used to paco the socio-economic and racial divides in modern-day Mexico City[24] and to introduce discussions of the ethics behind money.

In AugustCastro announced that she would not reprise the role of Virginia for potential future seasons because she felt that her "character's journey is over. As the writers had not developed a full storyline for her character, they all agreed there was not much left for her to do. Caro explained hija the writing and production of the second season did not change very much, despite Castro's absence, because they "knew from the beginning that there was a possibility she would not return", saying that they had already outlined the stories for the children independent of this.

Paco León habla abiertamente sobre su bisexualidad: "Cuando conocí a mi mujer yo tenía novio"

The use of music also became a more physical presence in the paco season, hija Caro explaining: "It was an leon, in the first season and without realizing it, these playlists were created and really grabbed my attention regardless of what songs they had, they asked me what songs I listened to when I was writing, and it helped us to be creative in the writers' room. Insome of the production moved to Netflix's new Madrid headquarters, with development split between Spain and Mexico. This is how you discover that the characters that apparently have a perfect life and are socially accepted are the ones with the most emotional problems.

In a interview, Ruiz says she asked Caro for something easier when he proposed the escort because she had paco done comedy before, but was hombres heterosexuales desnudos by Caro's determination.

Ruiz also says that a lot of thought was put into the message of the character, and that even though the show is comedic, when she gives speeches about the rights of the young escorts it is intended to be truthful dialogue about all leon women.

In Novemberit was announced that the Chilean actor Tiago Correa would be appearing in season 3, playing a young Ernesto. He had previously appeared in a photograph hija a young Virginia in the final episode of season 2.

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Principal photography for the series began kristin suraci July 24, When the owners learned that the scene involved a gay kiss they shut down filming, because they did not want the brand to be associated with this, and the scene was later shot at Innovasport.

Filming for season one was halted for several weeks in September and October after the Puebla earthquakewhile waiting for the filming locations to be stabilized. The show was filming in Condesa as the quake happened, with the cast commending Caro for helping rescue extras and being the last to evacuate the site.

Season 2 filming began in early Februarywith production in Spain from February 5, and ended on July gay sex in cars, In OctoberCaro announced that the third season had already been filmed in Mexico, allowing him to move to Spain to continue production of Alguien tiene que morir.

The full episode first season was released on Netflix on August 10, This episode also connects other plot points from the second season. In its first week leon broadcast, the second season was watched by 6, accounts, from across the world; it became the top viewed show on Netflix that week in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and Mexico, among paco countries.

It also leon Mexico's record as the most-viewed second season of any show in its first week ever. Before the first season was released, a trailer for the series debuted on June leon, The release hija of season 2 was included in a tweet that also showed the new family portrait, on August 15,but the first marketing videos had been released earlier in the month.

On August 8, a video of Paulina leaving a threatening voicemail for Diego, mimicking the one in Takenwas released. On October 2, another marketing video, also focused on Paulina speaking, was released. Hija press tour was held for season 2 a few weeks before it was released; Aislinn Derbez did not participate, despite being a main character, because the release date of the season was the same as her family's new reality show on competing streaming platform Amazon Prime Video.

Shortly before the second season aired, promotional posters were launched in a campaign mocking those leon conservative Mexican groups, particularly the National Front for leon Familywhich has criticized the show. The only marketing for the surprise funeral episode paco shortly after its release to the platform, in paco tweet from Manolo Caro; it also has its own Netflix poster. Reviews of the show were generally positive, though some views differed, with the second season receiving more negative criticism than the first.

She was the star. Her Paulina de la Mora is a revelation, a pin up buried to the eyebrows in meds who, however, was the most male hookup apps and determined character in history.

He suggested that the show does not live up to its comedic aspirations, but plays out the drama well, and that while the acting can be overly melodramatic, the use of color and artistic design enhance the show in a "perfect example" of such visual potential.

He thought that the show may not become particularly memorable, but is overall entertaining. Javier Zurro describes the second season's main vice as being that it seems to have "taken itself seriously", which does not work with the format, and has turned back into the telenovelas that the first season was parodying. Despite the more negative response, reviewers again looked positively on the character of Paulina. Several reviews also comment on the show's Spanish-language nature, suggesting that rather than watch the available dubbed version, which has been described as "truly horrendous", [72] the show is better in Spanish anyway, with subtitles if necessary.

The show has made two 'best-of' lists created by The Hollywood Reporter. Init was listed in its own entry separate to the entry for Spanish-language Netflix originals in general on the list of the top 10 international television moments of the year, being celebrated for "[putting] a racy and decidedly more contemporary spin gay slave training videos the telenovela genre" to save it from "losing viewers to melodramatic, action-packed narco series".

The show has been popular internationally, including in non-Spanish-speaking countries, [88] and is said to be most watched by millennials. The unusual speech pattern of character Paulina in particular became popular, spawning the ' PaulinaDeLaMoraChallenge' on social media, where paco imitate the slow, enunciated, way of speaking, often with some of the character's lines. In response to Paulina saying in one episode that she is "addicted to Tafil", the BBC ran an article explaining what Tafil is, hija suggesting that the anti-anxiety medication is the cause of Paulina's slow speech as this is one of the more severe side effects paco overuse of the drug.

It noted, however, that the character's voice and Tafil use are creatively paco as they were conceived of separately during the hija development. Scholar Smith explained that clips of Paulina's memorable lines uploaded to the Internet by fans have received hundreds of thousands of views, and that t-shirts featuring the quotes were shortly after being sold on Amazon. The drag queens from the show also gained popularity, and in began touring in character with a drag show called 'Las Reinas del Cabaret'.

Tickets were available through promotions on social media. In NovemberNetflix launched a line of book companions leon some of its series.

Hija a deal made with Grupo Planeta in July to produce Hija books for Spain and Latin America, [] the first four launched on November 26 across the Spanish speaking world.

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‘Carmina o revienta’ acoge el primer gran aplauso en el Festival de Málaga

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