Pelayo diaz interview

My dad loved that dog to bits so when it died, I got him a new one from the same race. Does that make sense?

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What is your most recent tattoo? None of my tattoos have really been preplanned and I like that the idea of jutting something down on a paper has that same impulsive quality to it.

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How has your experience been? The surprising thing is, contrary to what many may believe, is that small companies often demand a lot more from you. Big brands are able to provide you with endless possibilities and unlimited access, something which is a lot less likely to occur working with a smaller label. The collection will comprise of three different designs, closely linked to my personal style. Do diaz consider your blog to be your first pelayo And despite not being a student anymore, I feel it still captures that essence I started u bar utrecht with.

I want my blog to inspire people and my designs to make people dream. interview

Unfortunately, she passed when I was in my first year. At the end of the day, I want to have fun. In fact, I think I need it. After all, boredom is the death of all creativity.

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Pelayo Diaz x Davidelfin "NO ONE" Bag Collection - Fucking Young!

Get hold of a strong group around you, because things can be rough. Nonetheless, the rewards for hard work can turn simply amazing. Fucking Young! It was my first ever shoot and all of the team were lovely and so welcoming. A meditation on loneliness and the need to connect, all within the context of beautiful fall foliage. A personal recreation of her imaginary based on paper and pencil.