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A new study conducted out of Utrecht University in Amsterdam shows a link between gay male penis size and gay self-esteem. The larger the penis, they say, the more confident gay men were with potential lovers and in every-day life. But a large size does not mean a good lover. It is like owning a Lamborghini and not knowing how to drive it. It is very arousing to encounter a large penis size in your sexual adventures, but performance is also very important.

Does it matter to gay men?

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The typical penis is just Most people assume average size is much bigger. First published 17 March Got a news tip? We thought the average penis size was 5.

That number varies across these United States, however. Those size queens up in Maine think an ideal gay should be 7.

Over in New Mexico, however, the ideal size is 6-inches. West Virginians were much more reserved. They thought the average size was 5-inches. Poland and Austria. Out of all the countries surveyed, Poland had the highest average size — 6.

71 Gay Men On How They Handle The ‘Size Gap’ Between Them And Their Partner | Thought Catalog

Huge is just an ideal. I penis meet guys bigger than me anyway, and very, very infrequently my size. And if I had to choose between a big dick and a nice butt in a partner, I would choose a nice butt.

But dick size is still important — perhaps too much. I understand the concept of top privilege, and maybe there are parallels to make between that and size. But in perfect experience, tops gay not common.

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Hung tops ever less so. So I suppose I get a lot of choice. Is it a problem in the community?

Gay guy on life with a inch penis: 'Anything under 8 inches seems small'

I get a lot of offers from people wanting to pay to give me oral. But it just seems degrading to both parties. People also use Grindr to approach me to do porn.

Is it annoying having such a big penis?