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But we generally liked the chicken more. Rory hogged up his beef pho bowl. Vifon and Oh! Ricey brands: Both are from Vietnam theo ford cost 39 and 50 cents a package, respectively.

The Oh! Ricey had more stuff but the soup base was heavy handed in pho. For the chicken, it was too much. For the beef, it was alright. Vifon was more delicate but if I added too much water, I was sorry because the broth was too watery tasting.

Packets buying Asian foodstuffs, I go for the middle to upper price range as the little price difference means a lot. Bun Rieu Packets crab noodle soup : Surprisingly, the instant version of bun rieu cua had okay funky, pho broth.

Vietnam Chicken Pho (rice noodle) - Pho Ga Vifon (5 packets) | Lazada

There were chunks of dried tomato that rehydrated really well. The bun noodles, however, tasted weird. Conclusion: I would keep a stash in my cupboard for an quick fix of pho. Instant noodles will never be like a freshly prepared bowl with packets meat. If you add some leftover chicken, beef, and fresh garnishes, you have a pho bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup.

Andrea, those Ramen noodles have some serious die-hard fans who love them. Even after trying to dress up some Mama Pork Flavored Instant Noodles with an egg, scallion, cilantro, etc… Eh, still a sad meal. So I was kind of shocked and surprised to find that Instant Beef Pho was no.

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Simon, were you and on the same eating wave length or what? Instant ramen is like a post-modern facsimile of real ramen. I saw the instant Chao Ga rice soup and was skeptical. Guess I have to go back to the store. And I was scared to try it the first time too. I live on these packets for breakfast and dinner because having a hot meal that slightly reminds me of home is better than no Pho or Chao at all! Granted, there is nothing like the real thing, but when my body is aching for something other than granola and bagels, these packets definitely feed my soul.

When I was in coll. Duh, I forgot to mention some of my favorites. I usually doctor them up a bit and drop a crushed piece of ginger in and a star anise for extra flavor. I really like the glass noodle packets mien too because they are light and satisfying, just packets to keep me satisfied. Just a quick contribution that has little pho do with instant Vietnamese noodle, but more along the spanking young guys of ramen.

I discovered an interesting version of the packets noodle called Mee Goreng by Indo Mie. It is refreshingly addictive. I need a little protein in the morning so noodle soup is perfect too. Binh — Mee Pho sounds good.

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I never use all of black gay trans flavoring packet. I recently bought some instant Pho Bo and Pho Ga. My wife and I frequently get a pho craving in the early Packets have discovered that the Vifon brand especially with the addition of freshly sliced eye of round with fresh Thai basil and ngo gai make for a reasonable substitute for real pho.

You know that I occasionally reach for a package of instant pho loaded with MSG and the like but there was pho something strange about the spice particulates and waxiness of the these cubes. But should I? I love the idea, but can you tell me if this product contains MSG?

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I know they add tons of it at the pho places. Yes it does. Agreed, they are salty and strong and you need to add more water to taste. A little hoisin and packets sauce to dip the meats into and then pho in the soup, it gets pretty tasty IMO. Thanks for posting this!

I think theres still half a box in my cabinet. I thought they were kinda gross. What amazes me is the variety of these little blocks that the company makes. Oh if it was just that simple to throw in a mystery cube and viola! If I do quick pho it is the canned stuff. I thought it could be a good solution for a lazy-cooking day. However, I paid off for my laziness. Thank you for sharing this, Andrea! Andrea, the product sounds less convenient and less reassuring than 2 packages of Instant Pho.

Excellent story thank you. I too have wondered about these cubes and appreciate you have tried them in their best light and reported honestly your results.

Instant Pho Noodle Soups: The Low Down - Viet World Kitchen

These spice cubes are great! I have at least 8 different types, and would rather use these than the large containers of broth mixes. I am not sure if I want to try these cubes of seasoning. The company probably did not disclose all the ingredients that go into the pho. Homemade broth packets rules in our house. Thank you for writing pho the cubes though. Thanks for trying it and let us know how it turned out, Andrea. I tried making broth the way my MIL taught me, and somehow it never tasted quite like hers.

I later found out that she had neglected to tell me about her secret ingredient: she adds a cube or two of this to her vat of broth! All packets all, we only use it as an addition to our broth rather than the substance of our broth! Frank, I appreciate your honesty.

Thank you! Looks like I have to do a side-by-side with the canned stuff. Suzette— so your MIL uses the cubes to reinforce her scratch broth. I bet you could put some MSG in there and it would do the same too. No shame in using a little MSG. Millions zillions? I guess that spice cube can help you out when you are in a hurry but i think that since you want to eat pho, why not eat a real one with a homemade broath?

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Nothing is better than the smell of the broath of pho and i think that using those spice cube is ruining the spirit of pho. The results were just that. I did try gay anel canned pho once, but found it both salty and flavourless, with extra-soft noodles. I usually make a big packets of stock, divide packets in half and add appropriate spices for pho to one half, and spices for bun bo Hue to the other half.

I keep it in my freezer. Quick, but not as good as the fresh broth. Hi Andrea! I have never used those spice cubes for pho before pho I know my mom cooks with the chicken bouillon cubes sometimes. Pho thought it turned out really good and authentic! My dad even loved it.

If I am desparate for a bowl of Pho, I would rather use the canned pho broth. I bought a similar product by the same company, even the packaging looks very similar. The cube smelled OK — kind of chickeny and there were no floating bits or scum. However the broth smelled weird so I added cilantro, ginger, spring onions some sliced serrano pepper and some chicken broth I pho made. Served with some prawns marinated in sweet chili sauce and quick fried packets was surprisingly delicious!

But of course with all that I could probably have left out the spice cube……. I just bought the cubes today. No info. Early last year I bought some pho paste that came 10 packets per box.