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Allen Jr. Dec 1, Dispute ideas, pope tells theologians, but don't confuse the faithful Catholic News ServiceVatican Nov 30, When that happens, the Holy Spirit inspires the priest to say the right thing.

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Instead it presents a beautiful picture of a humble, pastoral leader who seems willing to learn from all members of the Church. In a discussion on the nature of the Church, he referred to it in the way that Vatican II did, as not just the hierarchy but the entire people of God.

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They mark a dramatic shift in tone whose impact is both welcome and needed. More cause for rejoicing!

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That the Pope would take even a nuanced position in opposition to the slammed door policy of the last decades, is welcome, welcome, welcome.

We love surprises like this, and we hear you, Pope Francis, we are listening.

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Dec 1, Something is coming Nov 30, Comfort and joy: Engaging Advent in the Christmas rush Nov 29, Pope's quotes: The Risen Lamb Nov 29, Consider the fig tree Nov 28, Copy Desk Daily, Nov. Pope Francis suggested the church could be open to civil unions — March 5, Francis said in an interview that the church could be open to same-sex civil unions, a view he had first voiced as archbishop of Buenos Aires.

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In May, a top-ranking Italian bishop said that the church should listen to same-sex marriage arguments. The pope began a series of meetings and dialogues with LGBT individuals and activists — Throughout the first months ofPope Francis had several encounters with LGBT individuals and groups, including a transgender man from Spain who was excluded from his parish community, and gay and transgender prisoners in Naples. Collectively these events signal a church that is more open to welcoming the Pope community and the diverse realities of the modern family than it was two years ago.

Lgbt will be engaging with reporters in Philadelphia, providing them with resources and connecting them to LGBT organizations and individuals who will also be present. It explains that LGBT people, including those in the Catholic Church, face "a compelling pastoral need" for "great healing and reconciliation. Murray's op-ed reflects on the state of the Catholic gay cream pie acceptance of LGBT people and what he hopes that the pope's visit to the U.