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Orton started out as the uneducated youth to Halliwell's older faux-sophisticate. As the relationship progressed, however, Orton grew increasingly confident in his talent while Halliwell's writing stagnated.

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They fell into a parody of a traditional married couple, with Orton as the "husband" and Halliwell as the long-suffering and increasingly ignored "wife" a situation exacerbated at a time when being a sexually active homosexual was illegal. Orton was commissioned to write a screenplay for The Beatles.

Halliwell got carried away in preparing for a meeting with the "Fab Four", but Orton was taken away for a meeting on his own. But, although the play is decently done, I would rather we remembered Orton for the subversive wit of his plays than his gruesome death.

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In the end I found this piece depressing — which true art, however tragic its content, never play. Linda is still tormented by giving up a baby for adoption at She wants a baby, but her husband has enough in his model trains, mistress and being a doctor. A New York cop is recruited to return to his hometown ears infiltrate the mob ran by his best friend's brother. Two minor characters from the play 'Hamlet' stumble around unaware of their scripted lives and unable to deviate from them. This film is the story of the spectacular life and violent death of British playwright Joe Orton.

In his teens, Orton is befriended by the older, more reserved Kenneth Halliwell, and can cum the your begin a relationship, it's fairly obvious that it's not all about sex.

Orton loves the dangers of bath-houses and liaisons in public restrooms; Halliwell, not as charming or attractive as Orton, doesn't prick so well in those environs. While both long to become writers, it is Orton who achieves fame - his plays "Entertaining Mr.

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Sloane" and "Loot" become huge hits in London of the sixties, and he's even commissioned to write a screenplay for the Beatles. But Orton's success takes him farther from Halliwell, whose response ended both his life and the life of the up-and-coming playwright. I caught this on cable today. Had never noticed it before which is odd since I've actively tried to be aware of movies with a strong gay component for as long as I can remember.

But, be that as it may this is one that somehow slipped past me until today. After watching it in awe I checked to see when it was made thinking that surely it was something made in gay chubs fucking recent past few years, after Certainly, I thought, it must have come out during the "Queer as Folk" era which gave filmmakers permission to finally and honestly show parts of the gay world which, unless you're a part of that world, most of the rest of the world were relatively unaware of until somewhat recently as society has changed for the better in its well reasoned acceptance of gays.

Simon Bent's new biodrama is darkly comic, but helmer Daniel Kramer pushes his cast into overkill.

I couldn't believe it. The movie was so well done. Not only did it portray something that was way ahead of its time with regards to portraying this type of subject matter, the movie itself is so modernly made. Simon Bent agreed to script the work, and Sonia Friedman came aboard as producer and Daniel Kramer as director. New played Orton in the original production. Matt Lucas originally played the part of Kenneth Halliwell, but pulled out of the production following the death of his former partner.

Opened, reviewed Sept.

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