Psychographics in cinema advertising

The majority of cinemas do not exceed three advertisements per show since research has demonstrated that beyond this level, the audience tends to tire of the advertising. According to the same study, people prefer cinema advertising to television advertising.

Indeed, as shown in Table 1the cinema is more captivating than television 71 versus 11 per centmaintains the level of attention more easily 76 versus 15 per centprovides uninterrupted viewing 82 versus 13 per cent and has a better sound quality 85 versus 9 per cent.

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Table 1 Opinions towards television versus cinema commercials. One of the most important studies on this topic was conducted in by Sindlinger, whose sample included respondents, in five different American towns, over a period of 6 months.

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The recall rates after more than 24 hours were also psychographics high: 71 per cent after 1 week, 66 per advertising after 4 weeks and 45 per cent after 1 month to a year. A second survey, completed in and using cinema same method, obtained similar results Table 2.

Finally, another study obtained a higher recall rate for cinema advertisements 2 weeks after exposure than the average recall rate achieved for television advertisements only 1 day after exposure. Cinema advertising also has an impact on audience attitude towards the product. The results of Leggatt-Lustig's study for the Jeep Corporation 9 confirms that there is a more positive attitude among respondents who have been exposed to the advertisement than from those who have not been exposed Table 3.

Table 3 Attitude shifts with one exposure. Finally, the results of a private survey, which are presented in Table 4demonstrate that movie goers have a more positive attitude towards cinema advertising than towards television advertising.

Because it psychographics sounder theoretical foundations, the value-system approach provides greater explanatory and predictive power then the lifestyle approach. The following attributes, among others, give them a homeostatic character. A value-system is manifested by a set of norms governing behaviours. The former approach is based on Maslow's theory of human needs and the cinema of social character.

Value-system measurement Among the different approaches mentioned above, Kahle's method advertising was chosen as the measurement methodology for this study.

The questionnaire The questionnaire is made up of four sections. The sample The sample was composed of persons, 45 per cent jaime astrain instagram and 55 per cent women, aged between 18 and 34 years.

‘LOV’ and the big screen: A value-system segmentation of movie goers | SpringerLink

The personal values AccomplishmentFun and enjoyment and Self-respect were most often ranked first by respondents Table 6. It should also be noted that none of the respondents ranked Sense psychographics belonging first. Table 6 Distribution of first-ranked values. Then, with the non-hierarchical K-means cinema Table 7the profile and size of the three identified segments were determined. Table 7 Final cluster centres. Cluster Belonging Excitement Warm relationships Fulfilment 1 7.

Generally, the respondents expressed a positive attitude towards cinema advertising Table 8. It is shown that the respondents consider cinema advertising more entertaining 3. Psychographics, respondents also do not like to see advertisements on the big screen 3. All three segments have a positive attitude while segment C is slightly, but not significantly, above the others two Figure 1. Open image in new window. LOV values and motivational domains According to theory, the hard nut snowflakes are cognitive representations of universal human requirements: biological needs, social interactional require-ments and social institutional demands on the individual.

Schwartz and Bilsky 32 identified seven specific domains of motivation to which the nine LOV values correspond Table 9. As shown in Figure cinemasegment A considers self-respect and self-fulfilment values to be very important.

The value of Security is of little importance. However, because very little importance is attributed to warm relationshipswe reject the hypothesis that would give the latter value a hybrid meaning. Thus, in this study, we could say that the interpretation of the warm relationships value only relates to relationships of friendly, not a sexual nature. Respondents in this last segment advertising priority to security and warm relationships with others. The importance that they attribute to these values is shown in Figure 4.

Slightly less importance is given to advertising and achievementwhich are the opposite of security. These results confirm those of previous studies. Beale, C. Marketing 12 May : Google Scholar.

The power of cinema advertising: A big screen with a captivated audience

Dignam, C. Marketing 14 September : Ewing, M. CrossRef Google Scholar. Fields, D.

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Campaign Europe, November: 59— Boxoffice Magazine. The presence of brand advertised within the retail environment gains maximum ROI return on investment from cinema branding.

Such messages create hype for the brand advertised and excite the free gay bareback group porn audience to make a purchase decision within the movie time period.

The wide screen, surround sound, comfortable seats, food and dark space, this all makes up for an environment with least distraction. No Skip, No Mute : The audience present at the theater does not have the option to mute, skip or ignore the ad as possible on other advertising platforms such as mobile, TV and print. The key to making a cinema successful is having a strong feel for the range of audiences that it might attract: who are they, what do they want to see and how do you communicate with them?

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These are mass appeal films created at huge cost and supported by massive marketing effort. In contrast a large number of high quality, independent and foreign language films are released annually but invariably they earn much less at the box office. Young people, although still the multiplexes mainstay audience, are increasingly consuming film online through downloading or streaming services. Films based on literary works or specific aspects of social history or parts of the country are often well received by local audiences who prefer cinemas with comfort, character and the opportunity to have a coffee or a bar drink.

Young children enjoy cinema going. Sometimes they attend with a group of friends. Often they are accompanied by parents or relatives. Local cinemas have to be capable of adapting to whatever is currently in the news and available to them.

This requires skill and showmanship on the part of the cinema manager and staff in addition to a well designed building. The cinema industry categorises audiences in many different ways but often relies on an age-related scheme which closely follows the film certification categories U, PG, 12A, 15, 18 :.

Apart from being regular attenders these individuals are often the new apartment kitchen essentials leaders who influence psychographics less committed people to attend. The motivation to attend a cinema, and the opportunities for doing so, varies considerably from group to group.

Teenagers living in a rural community may want to see cinema film each week but might have to travel 10 miles or more to get to the nearest multiplex cinema. Without a car this may be impossible. Perhaps strategists need to look to supplementary media to stretch budgets further and move into areas with less clutter. Gone are the days when cinema advertising was just about screen time accompanied by a call-to-action. An integrated campaign can now embrace branding on popcorn boxes, cinema lightboxes and plasma screens, screens above the candy bar, and sampling stands and activities in the foyer, concourse and auditoriums of cinemas to name a few.

Cinevations cinema activations which engage audiences are another popular form of advertising advertising cinemas. Media strategists can bundle this high-impact, experiential advertising with another media like TV, radio or print. TV will give you reachand you can deliver the experiential elements at cinemas.

Cinema makes up 3. It is also a medium that can be regionalised or localised — advertisers have the opportunity to limit their campaigns to just a few relevant sites. Cinema is all about the experience — the smell of the popcornnachosslushdimming of the lights and soundwhich brands need to optimally embrace to their advantage.

Cinema is the unique ingredient that brings targeted, quality, creative expression to campaigns, filling in the gaps of a one-size fits-all approach. Cinema advertising fulfils many of the objectives that a reach-oriented advertising misses out on, such as impact, high recall and audience engagement.

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