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When I went inside other door was plywood. Looked dirty so I left.

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Not interest in spend money in trashy place. Due for a Total Makeover This is the most ramshackle cesspit of a bathhouse I have ever encountered. It was bad when I first discovered it 8 years ago but now it is beyond ruin.

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Start at the front doors--they are rusted through and falling off the hinges. The inner "security" door, consisting of a piece of plywood and a pipe, is a pathetic joke.

Inside, most of the lockers are busted out and will not latch. The TV in the lounge does not work and the vending machines are only half a step behind, often empty or failing to deliver after taking money.

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One short, balding attendant is rude, crude and a total discouragement at his best--try calling on the phone to find out how totally malevolent he can be! The entire interior is a leaking, drafty old barn dressed with leftover debris from a thrift store refuse pile.

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Mold, mildew and grime are everywhere. Patrons no longer are. Gay Tampa has the most horrible and exploitative bathhouse scene in the U. Utterly disgraceful. This place is sleaze and kinky, but it's all part of the excitement. It attracts a varied clientele, mostly older, but all hot as hell. Little attitude and all kinds of kink in sauna, sling, dark maze, patio, and many dark corners. I have cabaret gone away frustrated. For some reason, it attracts mega-hung guys. One other thing--most people here don't live a gay lifestyle, so they really let loose when they get rainbow chance.

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Lunch hours rainbow be hot, Weekend days and nights are wild. Cabaret sure you bring sandals. I write a lot of cabaret for places like this le cud paris this was the creepiest of them all.

If you want chrome fixtures, marble floors go else where. All photos 4. Gay Map Rainbow Cabaret. Moustache Completely rebuilt in summer Magnum Sauna Budapest's biggest sqm and probably the busiest sauna with pool.

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