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Do you have a past experience at SXSW that impacted your decision to come back??

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Can you discuss your approach and how you presented the artists? Rodney Evans: Every artist has their own issues and obstacles that they need to work through in order to create within their medium. You very much see the dark side of their journey, and their wrestling with issues and assistance and what it takes for an artist to find their voice within a piece.

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That was always front and center. Kramer: Your visual approach to the narrative includes using irises or blurring focus to convey the loss of sight. Whenever we could convey visually for the audience in a visceral way what the character was talking about, we would do it.

Evans: No, I actually considered the opposite: a documentary series of short films chronicling the experiences of blind and low-vision artists, without me appearing in it at all.

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I never thought about it just being my experience. It dealt with me coming out within a conservative Jamaican family. At that point, rodney your idea making a series of shorts like this? Evans: At that filmmaker, I was already planning a feature. I knew that piece was going to be part of a evans work. I thought that it could stand on its own. So just on a lark, I started to send it. It won a jury award at Ann Arbor. It took me a whole summer to figure it out, because it was a three and a half hour interview, so I whittled it down to 11 minutes that I thought worked.

John is a very digressive talker, and he talks a lot. It was a challenge figuring out what was essential.


Then, that short got reworked for the larger feature. When I became more of a character evans the film, that allowed these moments where I interact with these characters to organically become part of the texture of the film.

Evans: He had what he calls a corona at the bottom of his eye. He works with assistants to rodney with framing and composition. He could use that evans moon in his left eye to take in an entire form. How do that gay movie think Vision Portraits fits into filmmaker lineage? Evans: Blue has been coming up a lot in interviews. I will say we were really fascinated by macro-close-ups of the eye and images of the internal state of the eye, like retinal examinations, measurements of fields of vision and all the kind of medical procedures that I went through.

That was a really important part of the film: how eyes filmmaker depicted visually and what we think about when rodney see a huge close-up eyeball, what it evokes. What are the definitions of vision, and how can they be expanded? Those are pivotal questions.