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Tanzania: SIDO Launches Ultra Modern Packaging Centre

Across the globe, different activities. Lissu, former prime minister Frederick SumayeMbowe gun for posts Arusha. Former prime minister Frederick Sumaye enlisted to contest for Chadema chairmanship as. He said still the post-harvest lost is huge as up to 80 per cent of fruits and vegetables perish before reaching markets.

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SIDO's research revealed that 94 per cent of food processors wanted to use bottles to pack their stuff but the market could only supply 5. Also on paper and plastic packages, the study shows that the market can only supply 36 of total demand. Manufacturers in the developing world are spending up to 60 per cent of total product cost on packaging while in the country hardly they tanzania 20 per cent. The costs, for sido, of a glass jar will go down between 35 to 40 per cent.

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A Dar es Salaam based ice cube maker, Joseph Mlay, Chief Executive Officer of Mlako Purified Tanzania Cube said they were eagerly waiting the commissioning of the centre because it will address their challenges. Its objective was to develop the small industry sector in Tanzania.

It was expected to fulfill a very wide range of functions, from policy formulation to direct support to industries, to hands-on involvement in the establishment of SMEs in both rural and urban areas.

See SIDO Vision, Mission and Sido Some of the best-known activities are the Tanzania Estates, Technology Development Centres, Training sido Production Centres, hire purchase schemes for equipment, technology development, technology transfer through twinning arrangements and exchanges with industries in Europe and Asia, and direct marketing.

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In the context of a centrally planned economy, the virtual absence of a private sector, and an initially very low level of industrial activity, SIDO's efforts made a key and well recognized contribution to the development of the country.