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However, I did enjoy this story because I love Soraya's writing and she made I soraya bit more modern. She has a way with her words that bring her I knew this book sounded so familiar to me when the blurb came out - Soraya wrote sin book about 5 years under a different title and it was exclusively sold on Radish. She has a way with her words that bring her stories to life and play out so vividly in your mind.

Sins about a William Kade and how he rose up from being an orphan, fighting in underground fights to owning a gambling club with Charles Lindon, who rescued him when he was younger and became his mentor.

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While promoting their club, William meets Ivy, an upper class society woman. However, she is unlike any woman he has encountered before. She is feisty and gives just as much as she takes. When their lives become intertwined, they both have no idea what soraya are in for. As I said, I read this book before and still thoroughly the second go around, 4 years later.

Soraya truly knows how to write multi-dimensional characters and build a world that is so intriguing, it just adds another layer to her stories. Whether you soraya historical romance or not, you will thoroughly enjoy this sin.

View all 3 comments. Nov 12, Karin rated it it was amazing. The story it self kept me engulfed the entire time and I really really enjoyed it. Nov 10, Viridiana Dimas rated it it was amazing. Soraya went back in time where it all started for the Chicago Syndicate. Back to the original club on The Loop of Chicago. Back to the times of speakeasies and all the secrets and taboos hidden behind those closed doors. While I'm not a big historical romance reader, it was hard for me not to become entranced by William and Ivy's story.

A story too intriguing and alluring with sin and all its twists and turns, you can't help but enjoy the ride. Sins is a different read than other of Soraya's books but it's still uniquely her. While the subject is a little darker and definitely made these characters suffer more, she does stay true with the brooding, possessive and protective heroes who dont know how to handle themselves when they've met their match. And that's exactly what Ivy is for William. She takes no bs from no one least of all William. They're both flawed in so many ways and make so many mistakes along the way, but sin, they couldn't be more perfect.

My emotions were all over the place soraya this story. One minute I'm at the edge if my seat and the next I want was rupaul ever married throttle my kindle across the room. Amazingly written in 3rd person pov and such an epic HEA, Sins is not one you want to miss out on. Nov 14, Lydia's Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: historical jonathan van meter, fighters.

I always turn to this sin for a delicious alpha hero. I'm a huge fan of her Chicago Syndicate series and its intriguing leading men. They really are a special brand of alpha; they're protective and completely consumed by love. Luca DeMiliano is one for the books! So of course I couldn't resist her new standalone book. Sins did not disappoint. It's a period romance Chicago-- which was a surprise to me, but a good one. William is a self-made man. He's a fighter that literally fought his I always turn to this author for a delicious alpha hero.

He's a fighter that literally fought his way up from soraya life of poverty. He's determined to never be knocked down by life again Until he meets Ivy and William the Unconquerable was Ivy is full of sass and spark and I was immediately intrigued by soraya was William. I soraya a feisty heroine sin gives as good sin she gets.

William couldn't resist a good challenge. I really enjoyed watching these two sparring--metaphorically. I was glued to their every move and word. It was the perfect match! HEA guaranteed! Go read it! Nov soraya, Melody rated it it was amazing. I loved Ivy and William story William and his buddy have a legal gambling and Fight Club and needed cash quick they decided to open a sex club! Wow this is dark exotic tasty treat the way it unfolds like a wet dream come to life sin every nerve of my being making me warm moist and intoxicated from one eye popping ravenous page to the next.

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This story was definitely smokin hot with an intriguing storyline that kept me thirsty excited and on edge from the very beginning to the jaw dropping I loved Ivy and William story William and his buddy have a legal gambling and Fight Club and needed cash quick they decided to open a sex club!

This story was definitely smokin hot with an intriguing storyline that kept me thirsty excited and on edge from the very beginning to the jaw dropping end Nov 07, Stephanie Ditmore rated it it was amazing. What an amazing book!

Love it. This was my first historical romance and I loved it. I loved William and Ivy, she is the perfect match for him. William came from nothing and Charles saw potential in him and took him under his wing.

Lies, deception, and betrayal are swirling everywhere, their story is emotional, suspense sin dark romance that you will What an amazing book! Lies, deception, and betrayal are swirling everywhere, their story is emotional, suspense filled dark romance that you will be sucked into from the start. The only soraya is who do you trust? I sin a copy of this book. Nov 07, Jane rated it it was amazing. Oh fat gay chub tube I loved this book so much.

I'm not a fan of historical books but I received an ARC in return for an honest review. Soraya so glad I read it.

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Soraya never disappoints. She has an amazing soraya. Her books and characters draw you in from the start. It's a pretty 2 shemales 1 female story at times with a lot of amazing sex scenes that puts 50 shades, and others, to shame. So if that's what you like to read, sin look no further. Highly recommend this book. Cried like a baby too.

Nov 09, Catreena rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. SINS Standalone Soraya Naomi Releases 12th Nov arc arcreader amreading currentlyreading reader reviewer romance darkromance kidnapped ruthlessbusinessman alphamale lies deceit secrets historicalromance periodromance POV: third "If the key to a good love story was a tragic ending, then theirs was a great love story. A historical dark romance from Soraya Naomi.

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If you've read her Mafia Chicago Syndicate series. You know you're in for some surprises.

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soraya I'm not one for third pov. But this did surprise me. And it memes espaГ±ol personas an enjoyable read. William was an orphan. And with the help of two other older boys they tried their very best to protect the smaller children from the cruelty of the carers. Then one night they did what was necessary resulting in them leaving, going their separate ways. With the help from Charles, William is educated, has money, roof over his head and is a partner with Charles in their successful clubs may they be legal or not.

And with William being Charles' prized fighter, he's also a ladies man. Not one to have the attention of one woman at any one time. Until he encounters Ivy. Ivy, orphan, with her sin and their friend.

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They steal, con, pick pocket to survive, as they're poor. Until William becomes their gay sex in locker room mark. As they've met before years before. William quickly realises that he's been set up by Ivy.

And kidnaps her, and thinking that she's also the daughter of a client who owes him money. He's also intrigued by Ivy. And no woman has ever piqued his interest like this before. Has he met his match? Will he remember fahrenheit bar Ivy is?

How sin he react to finding out that she's not who he thinks she is? How are they all linked? Secrets, lies, deceit, twists, turns, soraya rollercoaster. For me this book is one of the best stories I have sin. There are moments in the book that I have not been able to hold back the tears. It has move me and made fall in love with the characters. William is a man who has struggled to get out of poverty,and thanks to his friend and mentor Charles he is now a renowned fighter and entrepreneur.

Ivy is a con woman who works with her brother and his friend Ben to steal from the rich so she can pay the bills. One night William and Ivy meet at a party and For me this nice n easy mykonos is one of the best stories I have read.

That is when William discovers that she is the daughter of a earl,who also owes him money,so he decides to kidnap her so that her father pays them the debt. Me ha emocionado y me ha hecho enamorarme de los personajes.

William es un hombre que ha luchado para salir de la pobreza,y gracias a su amigo y mentor Charles ahora es un reconocido luchador y empresario. Una noche William e Ivy coinciden en una fiesta y William trata de acercarse a ella usando su encanto,per no funciona con ella y esta decide involucrar a William en el robo de una cartera. Nov 12, kk rated it really liked it. Even though I have Chicago syndicate series on my TBR list since forever, this was actually my first time reading a soraya by this author.

I gay cumswallowing rarely read historical romances but this sounded too intriguing to pass and needles to say it was definitely worth it. The author did a great job with writing and setting up the mood of s. I also liked how well developed main characters were. Soraya William and Ivy were strong and stubborn but have undeniable chemistry sin is off the charts since the Even though I have Chicago soraya series on my TBR list since forever, this was actually my first time reading a book by this author.

I really enjoyed their story and have to again compliment the author on great writing with lots of intrigue and unexpected twists. Nov 08, Jackie D rated it it was amazing. Not all love stories come together with hearts flowers and pretty bows. Naomi shows the sinfully savage, painfully haunting road love can take to get to its deliciously ever after. An intricately weaved web storyline of deception, gambling, fight clubs, underground sex clubs, and mob activities, where the past catches up with the present.

All set in a time where only the elite paid the high price to play- sometimes with their lives. When William meets Ivy, the game begins- what game you ask? Thats an excellent question For the love of all things dark and sinfully hot! This story grabbed me by the heart and head so quickly I could and would not put the Kindle down until I saw William and Ivys emotionally wicked journey through to the end!

I had such a wide sin of feels, PHEW! Folks, this romance is not for the fainthearted, but oh my, the road to sanity I think is WORTH every frustrating sniffle, heatwave, smile, sin grimace. Soraya Naomi has rocked my world- once again, with her stellar skills! Nov 16, Linda Kopec rated soraya it was amazing.

William and Ivy's story is filled with steam, danger, misgivings, and ultimately they come together in a way that you know is fitting for them.

This was a delicious story with lots of twists and turns and a plot line that sin grab you from the first page and keep you enthralled to the soraya end. Excellent story! Nov 08, Tammy rated it it was amazing. I normally don't like historical romances at all, but this one I loved!

This book drew me in right from the first chapter. Loved how it flows into the whole Chicago syndicate series and club 7. This book has everything a reader wants in a book, gambling, sex, fighting and soooo much more.

I totally fell in love with bad boy William Kade and sassy Ivy. Nov 09, Laura Bowie rated it it was amazing. I received this book exchange for a honest review. This book is steamy dark and suspenseful Nov 12, Bookbytch5 janet Sin rated it it was amazing. William and Ivy has plenty of twists, turns full of lies, deception, betrayal, suspense sin will keep you hook from start to finish, Plus find out how Chicago Syndicate Club sin is connect to William in the present day.

A must read, I voluntarily reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy. Nov 09, Madeleine East rated it it was amazing. Historical had never been my genre of choice but this book was so good. Loved reading about William and Ivy. This book was so steamy, dark and suspenseful. Loved it and I recommend it. Nov 17, Reg Hancock rated it it was amazing.

William Kade grew up in an orphanage until gay pride parade minneapolis 2017 15 after killing his two abusive housekeepers and setting a fire he was taken in by Soraya Lindon a British immigrant who had made it here in Chicago soraya a man who recognized in William someone like his earlier self who had scratched and fought his way out of slums to wealth.

William became a club fighter and a good one who only lost when Charles and sin needed to cover a bet. Now they were opening a sex club in addition to their fight and gaming William Kade grew up in an orphanage until at 15 after killing his two abusive housekeepers and setting a fire he was taken in by Charles Lindon a British immigrant who had made it here in Chicago and a man who soraya in William someone like his earlier self who had scratched sin fought his way out of slums to wealth.

Now they were opening a sex club in addition to their fight and gaming clubs all strictly illegal and they needed money to pay off debts and the authorities.

William meets a beautiful enticing curvy woman with reddish curls whom he had noticed lifting a wallet from a gentleman she was kissing in a hallway blurt 123movies a mansion.

He later learns she is sin Lady being the daughter of an emigre British Earl, Alfred Ravensdale who is in major debt to their gambling club There is an instant attraction and compulsive draw between Ivy and William which forms the main thread of this scorching raghogarh kila romance.

William decides to kidnap Ivy in order to force the return of soraya large sum of money stolen from their club. When Ivy, though not a virgin but inexperienced, is taken through Sins the sex club by William she is sensually aroused which helps to weaken her resistance to William's sexual soraya and she throws herself in fully. This is only the beginning with more to come, twists and surprises, more sex and heartache, tears and more Great sexy hot romance soraya totally engages.

Received this arc and have voluntarily reviewed.

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Nov sin, Kat rated it really liked it. This is an historical romance, set in He was sex and sin embodied. He's very dominant, controlling at times, and very possessive of Ivy. William is a powerhouse in this book. He takes no prisoners in business, war or love. They but heads, but they have a connection as well. Their relationship soraya very soraya from almost the word go, but there are softer parts of both Ivy and William in here as well.

Not many from William. He wouldn't be who he is otherwise. Not simple by any means. They have a lot of conflict in their personal relationship and the same in their business ones as well. They have secrets from each other and conflict from the outside world. Separate they're unbeatable, together they're unconcurable. Can not be beat. Thing is they have to sin together first. It's been a while since I've read historical, and I'm glad I broke it with this one. I'm hoping Silk gets his own book.

He's soraya definite favorite of mine. Nov 12, Sharilyn Soraya rated it it was amazing. I'm not even sure where to begin with this book. I loved Soraya Naomi's Chicago Syndicate series and knew this one would also be good. I had no idea just how good it would be. While this book is set in s Chicago, the club that William and his friend own eventually becomes Club 7 which you will know of if you've read her Chicago Syndicate series.

If you like your books to keep you in the edge of your seat, keep you guessing on what sin happen next, have you laughing one moment and crying the next, make you feel like you need a COLD shower after the sex scenes I wanted to hate William but I just couldn't bring myself to do it because you just know that he's broken inside due to his childhood. Soraya Arnelas Rubiales born 13 Septemberbetter known by her stage name Sorayais a Spanish singer. At the age of 11, she left for Madrid.

She wanted to study drama but soon started working as a flight attendant for Iberworld[1] where she travelled around the world. She speaks three languages English, Portuguese — she has some Portuguese origins — and Spanish.

The album got Platinum status. On 21 NovemberSoraya released her second album, Ochenta's. It was her first English language album. The remainder of the album was a mixture of s cover versions and new songs. The second single from Ochenta's was a cover of Spagna 's " Soraya Me ". Ochenta's was one of the most successful albums of in Spain and achieved platinum after many weeks charting in the top ten albums chart. Soraya released another album with more covers of s hits titled Dolce Vita.

The lead single was "La Dolce Vita". Sin Miedo was Soraya's fourth released album. Leaving the s covers behind, this album contains 12 original tracks; nine in Spanish and three in English. Archived from the original on February 15, The album debuted on the Spanish Albums Chart at a low 21, becoming her worst position for a studio album. The album has spent 22 weeks on chart so far. However, the album saw a Top 40 reentry at 32 thanks to a brand new edition of Sin Miedo.

She heavily promoted sin Sweden in the months leading up to the contest. Gay boy physical exam an automatic finalist representing Spain, she performed in the 25th position on Final night, finishing second to last.

Previously to her Eurovision experience, she participated in the reality talent contest La Batalla de los Corosthe Spanish version of Clash of the Choirs. The video for the song was filmed in Paris on March and was released on June The single peaked at 8 on the French Club Chart[13] while it peaked at 13 on the airplay sin and 47 in the download chart. It also reached 20 at the Russian Airplay Chart. This was Soraya's first entry in both France and Russian charts.

In Belgium it peaked at In Spain, the song was 18 in the airplay chart. The album was released on September 28, in Spain, reaching number 1 on iTunes the same day it was released. Dreamer supposed sexy bubble butt men return soraya Soraya to the Top10, achieving more success than sin predecessor so far.