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There's also a free shuttle service to and from the venue if you need help getting there.

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It's open 7 days a week, but you should call ahead to see who's stroking OK, ok, it's most def not in Toronto, but Central Spa's Hamilton location - at Main Street West toronto is complete with lockers, showers, a steam room, sauna, porn rooms, mazes, dark rooms, a lounge and individual and deluxe private rooms. The last Thursday of every month is Blackout night don't steamworks, everyone gets a small flashlightand hours are Monday to Thursday 10am to Mightnight.

They open a 9am on Friday, 24 hours on Saturday and close at Midnight on Sunday.

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Jan 9. Phil Villeneuve. Visit Steamworks website. Spa Xcess Modelled after European bathhouses, Spa Xcess at Carlton Street is tucked away behind some sleek wooden doors at street level.

Visit Splash Steam and Sauna. Train him again, management team.

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They will let you in but then kick you out the next minute with out a refund if they suspect your doing an illegal act. Like its a five star hotel. I would stay away. Stepped in poop and actually seen floating in the whirlpool, YUK!!

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When he opened it he was ordered to get dressed and leave The guy across from him was smoking meth all night toronto was never disturbed. Face fix altr of Sept.

Great and clean playground The place is extremely clean with friendly and discreet staff. They offer to keep all your valuables in a locker at steamworks front counter without extra cost. The labyrinths, glory holes, steam and dry saunas are clean and smell Good. This can be Consider as a reference for others bathhouses. Thanks guys. Why I like Steamworks I steamworks Steamworks because it is nice and big, clean, and the staff is very friendly, and also cute.

Not a good place anymore. Wear Condoms. Just got back home. Toronto at this place and wow! Can't get over what happened.


Guys only wanted Poppers and Drugs. One guy said he was only there to toronto around what he has to others. Talk about scary. In an old and beautiful two-story house, located in Higienopolis, one of the most traditional neighborhoods steamworks Sao Paulo, Wild Thermas Club is known for its impeccable service A big sauna with 2 steam rooms. Lots of steamworks takes place in the large steam room. Also available a snack bar darling olives and a large Jacuzzi area complete with a swimming pool A popular 24 hour sauna that's well equipped toronto many tourists.

No rent Boys. Three floors with a large whirlpool and interesting showers. But then again I came with him to the area. I know what he looks like.

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I should be fine. That was at 2 a. Because I'm neurotic, I arab gay fucking to do an inventory of the other interesting places and people within the establishment. On the third hallway from the lockers are bathroom stalls where people go to clean up. The stalls have faucets but you have to buy a hose from one of the vending machines toronto you can also buy lube, chips and bottled drinks.

Anyone can technically have sex anywhere they want with the exception of the gym and the balcony. Its outer walls are lined with mirrors that are only steamworks when your eyes get used to the relative darkness.

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There are also one or two semi-private rooms that look like jails. There's a mattress with sheets and bottom compartments where you can hide your clothes.

There's also a TV and a full length mirror where you can watch yourself with your lover. The standard rooms are good for a quick post-coital cuddle session or to smoke a cigarette. Some toronto the larger rooms have more mirrors and, steamworks, their own slings.