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The Four Common Ways A Step-Parent May Adopt Without Agreement (“Consent”) Of the Biological Parent

Upon completion of the adoption proceedings the stepparent acquires the same rights and responsibilities regarding the child as if the adoptive parent were the biological father or mother. Title 31 Article 19 section 2 of the Indiana Code controls adoption proceedings. To begin adoption proceedings of your stepchild, you must file a petition in the court within the county where your stepchild resides.

Your spouse must either join you in the adoption action or file a written consent with the petition for adoption. If your stepchild was born in wedlock it is necessary to receive written consent of the adoption from both living birth parents.

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Read More. Most people think a step-parent adoption will be relatively easy. You file papers, go to court, state what you want and the judge grants your wish. While this appears less complicated than other adoptions, it is rarely that simple. You need to: File the petition in your home county. Potentially handle a contested court hearing. Ensure the adoption is granted.

The Four Common Ways A Step-Parent May Adopt Without Agreement (“Consent”) Of the Biological Parent

How Stepparent Adoption Works in Indiana. Whether you're a stepmother or a stepfather, stepparent adoption can be a challenge. Adoption is an instrumental process in the lives of many Indiana children and can give them the consistency needed for a well-balanced life.

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An adoption requires a parent filed to the court containing information regarding the child sought to be adopted along with information of the petitioner seeking to adopt. So what happens when the petitioner is married to a biological parent of the child? With divorce at its current rate in Indiana, this is a question being indiana by many Hoosier families who have remarried. There are many times that a biological parent is out of the picture, leaving a child to be raised adoption the other parent and a stepparent.

Current law would return custody of a child to the other parent in the event of the death or incapacitation of the other parent. Basically, if mom and step are raising a child and biological dad is scarcely in the picture, the child may be put in a situation to live with a parent they barely know if something was to happen to mom.