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Aunty Willy Interviews: Steph Parry (42nd Street)

They're the ones who are on stage every night, so they can adapt and help you out if you become stuck. Mamma Mia! The best part of it was getting to play Donna one more time.

I mamma love that role, and that show. That was a really good example of the cast rallying around to help. You're back in the ABBA world now for this new show steel gym new york is it nice having experience with the music already?

Yes, I think it is. I love the music so much and it's such a treat to steph singing some different songs this time round. So I knew quite a few of the songs from mia childhood. It's set on parry island of Skopelos where the movie Mamma Mia!

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Last year she hit the headlines last year when Caroline Deverill who was playing Donna in Mamma Mia on the West End picked up a calf injury mid-show. Steph was stand-by for Dorothy Brock down the road in 42nd Street and had played Donna previously.

Steph Parry, Actor, Greater London

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'I blagged it!' - how a West End understudy saved Mamma Mia! - BBC News

National Theatre careers day opens up prospects for students. If I had hammed it up some more I might have made it on to the show. It was about six months of my life waiting for that and holding off stuff. I would have been like, what if, what if….

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I saw the advert a month before the audition and I had friends who had done it before. Then I went home and spoke to James my husband and said what do you think? He told me to give it a go, see what happens.

And he said that all the way through; when I got the audition and when I got the job. It must be difficult to commit to being away from home for so long. How do you and your husband cope with that?