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Use code 5for15 or 3for12 to get extra discount Sitting near the top of the poppers, BUZZ is distinctive due to its red and black bottle. A favourite and ready to take the "sting" out of bedroom activity.

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Use code 5for15 or 3for12 to get extra discount A superb bottle of incredibly strong formula fun. This bottle of Original Gold Poppers has a potent liquid with a strong effect. Original Gold will not disappoint. Use code 5for15 or 3for12 to get extra discount Purple Haze think Amsterdam, think whatever you want! But with this potent bottle, it certainly does what it says on the tin. Whether you like to chill or party, Purple Haze is a great choice.

These Active Room Aromas are one of the very best popper brands for all active guys and are a popular choice for many tops!

Active Room Aromas - 25ml Extra Strong - 5 Pack - POPPERSUPERSHOP

Active is one of the best selling popper brands and are a firm favourite amongst our active customers due to the extra strong blend that gives you a rush when you need it. Try our Passive Room Aromas, so both top and bottom can pop during sex! This listing is for a five pack of 25ml Active Room Aromas. Also available as a single pack, in three packs, as a mixed pack, or as a 10 pack which offers an even better saving and the cheapest way to buy poppers online.

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The 25ml size should be more than enough for two or more users during sex or when out cruising! Rosebud Room Aroma - 25ml - Extra Strong. Potent Blue-Xtreme Power.

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Leather Cleaner - Premium Strength Aroma - 25ml. Reds Aroma - 10ml - 5 Pack. Reds Aroma - 10ml - 3 Pack. Reds Aroma - 10ml. Shop By. This was fantastic!

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We had great fun with this I never order the same twice just up for trying lots of different 'aromas'! This one i would def recommend for probably one of the longer lasting 'highs'! Very good product, definately a favourite of mine. Long lasting and no bad feelings or after taste.

I buy often Stu. Pound for pound thee are fantastic.