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Reblogged 6 years ago from under-renewal. I just want to make this blog a little bit more mature. Would you mind if by the next arc I rate this blog PG?

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Would you like to explore what would happen? Reblogged 6 years ago from charmedthanks. Mod : And this is when the gate of tartarus opens… Well, the small door, that is. Or part of them So, why not start over with new questions?

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Sunset we go. Ask questions guys! Remember that the three main characters of this blog are Twilight, Nyx and Sunset. But sometimes the other girls, CMC and maybe Discord will answer as well. Enjoy any of our growing collection of short, single-chapter mini fics, written by members of the foalcon community from the Foal Party Server, AO3, and beyond. Each story may be cute, romantic, dark, sad, alternate universe, or anything momo yurino at all, in any style. Some authors may choose to tag their stories in the chapter's notes so you know shimmer to expect beyond whether it's suitable for Woona, but others may be left a mystery r34 you read them.

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No more can be added and no revisions can be made to the original since I'm no longer welcome on the Fimfiction site. This anthology is a collection of my own minorly revised short stories from the aforementioned collab as well as a few other collaborations.

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Anime Dolan and Shima! Anime dolan and shima.

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