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Pleasuredrome 2012 - London's World Famous Spa & Sauna Promo

Three floors with red or black colored walls. Prepare yourself for a lot of walking up and down the stairs between the wet area and the dry maze area. There are actually two of those. One is extremely steam fuzzy, in such a way that you can barely breathe.

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Of course this also includes the moldy sweatbox I mentioned gay. The second one is like a hallway that is also steamy in a way, but watch out — the moldy smell changes here to a mixture of mold and urine. Add to it that the water are not drained out as it should from the floors, creating a sauna puddle. Here again — there are two. One is accessed to from the other. Both are very badly maintained. The door handle is made out of rope. I went however last weekend and it was terrible. The reason I would london recommend to go is how poor the facilities have got.

The price spigadoro florida road not cheap to get in a yet the facilities are appalling and falling apart. Their is no porn shown any were anymore.

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The cinema room has gone and were a tv use to be is ripped of the wall and all the small screens dotted about just show a logo of the sauna. All that is left in the sauna is cubicles and most of them have doors broken. Maybe this is because I'm not from London, and this was 3am on a Saturday night? The place was busy, mostly a younger, student crowd, all seemed like they'd been to a club and this was the last chance saloon. Gay jakarta was no air conditioning, even the showers and "hot tub" were boiling hot.

It was a little nauseating.

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Most people seemed to be wandering about in little groups, and absolutely no one seemed interested in cruising or having sex, I didn't see any of that at all even in the public areas.

This place is not called Sweatbox for nothing.

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The cubicles do not seem to be ventilated at all, so it gets really hot and sweaty! I actually like that. The place is clean and patrolled regularly. You can come and go as you please for either 24 or 48 hours.

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It's good value, especially the hour pass. The staff is courteous. My favourite place so far in London. There was a foam party that evening in a small area of the sauna normaly steamroom?

In general not to big place and like all places it depends on the people who are there.

Sweatbox London (sauna)

Sauna facilities are a bit worn 1 jacuzi, 1 sauna, 1 steamroom, showers. The relax area was cold Left with a bit of mixed feelings to return sometime or never come again In general there are nicer places in Europe.

Always fun!

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I had the best of times. A wild twinky twink down from Norwich.

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I got myself naked, got my ass in the air and had the time of my life. I managed to visit here the first time about three weeks ago.

Sweatbox Soho – London, UK – Gay Sauna Boy

What a great surprise. Plenty of zones. Clean facilities and friending staff. Busy for a Tuesday too. I stayed out so late, I had to get the night bus home!

Very busy, some areas may not be very clean during busy times but i always have fun at this place. Best men in London go there - mainly aged from 18 to