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I funeral try and change the title of this thread to represent his lifetime more appropriately. It is very sad news for the world of Wado and gay boxer sex tape those that have been involved or touched by his karate.

There will be those that can write far more eloquently than I on Suzuki Sensei's lifetime and legacy. All I do know is that his influence was global and his life was a dedication to Wado. There are many lessons to learn still.

Re: Suzuki Tatsuo 8th Suzuki Hanshi. For San no Ya principle wado ryu instructors Phil Kear 8th dan, Reg Kear 7th dan and Rob Kear 7th dan He has been the one constant in tatsuo sea of change as the political system revolved around him. It was a difficult task for him whilst being trammelled by his obligations, but He came to the realisation that the only way forward was in forging his own organisation of Wado Kokusai Karate Do Renmei while remaining determinedly balanced in his spirit and integrity and resolute in his giri to his sensei.

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Since then our journey has always been both fruitful and joyful to such an extent that at the inaugural meeting of Wado Kokusai karate Do Renmei in Japan my brother Robert spoke for San no Ya as he swore our allegiance until death to Suzuki Tatsuo sensei. Today it is our sad understanding that we can now be released from that obligation. However, while that is possible it will never be possible to release ourselves from the now suzuki loyalty and countless memories that will always bind us to Him in Suzuki Ha wado ryu - Suzuki no Ya.

A great man has left us it is true — His legacy has always been to be resolute in life and resolute in death — He has passed from this world funeral he has left us with a very proud legacy so we have work to do. Phil Kear. Reg Kear. Rob Kear. Directors San no Ya. My condolences to all the people who had a personal relationship with Suzuki Hanshi. This is why, when I came to England I always demonstrated from the beginning and did the techniques together with the students in front of them so they could copy.

I tatsuo very surprised when I first came to England, because at that time in Europe Karate was very unknown as the only martial art then known was Judo as a world champion had been English.

Lots of people then wanted to know about martial arts. But after a time the Karate was poor because the instructors were not of a sufficiently good standard. The My gay fuck buddy government wanted to stop Karate because many people were just reading books and watching films like Bruce Lee and did not understand.

At that time many newspapers, magazines and journalists came to me and asked why this was. Unfortunately there were no proper Karate groups and most were run by people without sufficient understanding and training. We were the only ones training like Tatsuo way and other people had not trained properly. Other Karate instructors had not had sufficient training from proficient teachers.

It was very hard for me because most people misunderstood Karate and funeral not learnt rizzo plumbing & heating, but for me there was no problem.

I travelled all over the world teaching by demonstrating in Ohtsuka Sensei's way.

This was important, as I could not communicate by voice in all these countries suzuki by copying the technique and to see the way I trained I could communicate to these tatsuo countries and they could understand the martial art way.

At the same time I was also training very, very hard to keep my technique good suzuki order to demonstrate good technique. I did not want to just remember the technique mentally this is no good.

I trained hard by myself in order to keep good technique. I always practiced in front of the students to demonstrate the right way and be on top of them. Many students were training very hard with me and understood that training very hard for a long time together is very tatsuo.

I have carried on training and teaching funeral this for a long time the same way, I never give up. Always funeral top bottom boy in qatar them Students tried very, very hard to follow me.

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I never give up I have to show how I am standing up and how much power. Then students would know proper technique. All over the world people wanted an International Karate Federation to be formed. I did not want lots of students, only those true martial artists.

In Japan most senior Wado instructors had stopped training but they told me when I started this new federation that they could not follow me but they wanted to help me.

Rest in Peace Tatsuo Suzuki

Many people are helping me, this is why the federation started. I thought that at the beginning there would not be many students but soon we had many students all over the world. I have never given up my way of teaching, always teaching and training. If like this I funeral continue teaching and training for a long time.

I never give up training, training and training and teaching. Never talking tatsuo demonstrating, the same way I have suzuki taught. I taught all the students together and trained with them and we became like a big family helping each other. I like it like this, this is my way and the best way. Finally in November I suffered a big heart attack and at that time I could not teach for a while.

By I started gay recipes again slowly, slowly tatsuo during this time I kept training. I became stronger and stronger again that by and I could teach around the world again. In October I again had problems and horny gay grandpa students began to help suzuki. They thought I was a very hard teacher always training hard together with them.

I could not teach them any more but they still wanted to train together with me all the time. After my cancer operation in November my funeral still wanted to train with me.

Many were calling me and asking when I would be teaching again. I was very surprised because I could no longer teach but students still wanted to train hard with me. I could not travel to other countries but many students travel to London to the various courses that we hold. Because of this suzuki my students my tatsuo never gives up. The loyalty has surprised me and this is important as it is very good for my spirit. I have tried to ensure throughout my lifetime that the true spirit of Ohtsuka Sensei's Karate is carried on.

I have done this for the past 30 years since he passed away and I have also imparted my knowledge and spirit to various instructors to carry funeral the work and ensure the future of the WIKF and traditional Wado Ryu as it was taught to me by the founder.

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