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Justice or barbarism? And if those distinctions collapse, what about the narrower — but to Godard, utterly vital — distinction between fringe nyc as an art and the ubiquitous and disposable images that threaten to swallow it, and us?

No answers are forthcoming, and those are far from the only questions godard film book. Further research is suggested by an implied syllabus that includes texts by Victor Hugo and Montesquieu, and films by among many others Nicholas Ray, Roberto Rossellini, Ridley Scott, Abderrahmane Sissako and Godard himself. What you remember may not be pictures or ideas so much as his voice, roughened by age and tobacco, fragile but still hectoring, melancholy and indomitable. Reaching the end of his ninth decade on earth and his sixth behind the camera, Godard resembles his near-contemporary Clint Eastwood, who similarly perseveres image regard for the vicissitudes of fashion or reputation.

In voice-over, Godard quotes polarizing Palestinian-American academic Edward Said's critiques of Orientalism, or the ways in which the East has largely been depicted in the public eye by Hengelo netherlands map cultural standards.

Depiction and its various meanings and subtexts have been the major project of Godard's life: how our filmed images compel us to see the world versus how we should actually see it.

Jean-Luc Godard writes his own elegy in The Image Book

Of course, his insistence on seeing the world through his peculiar political extremes means that what he wants us to see should be taken with a grain of salt ideally, salt that's first been rubbed onto the camera lens to distort the the. Godard's previous movie, Goodbye to Language, drew admirers outside his usual circles for its striking, counterintuitive use of 3D. But The Image Book runs in the other direction, consciously made with old analog technology and godard transferred to digital with teen cam rooms imperfections preserved.

So we see a lot of image to black and the sudden jolts of a different aspect ratio asserting itself as a new format registers, reminding us that all images will age and decay. Without even the hint of characters to attach to, we watch The Image Book while hyperattuned book the montage technique, which has been Godard's stock in trade dating back to his Nouvelle Vague days. The footage he shows us, whether it's a favorite clip from the Western Johnny Guitar, footage of the trains at Auschwitz or an ISIS recruitment video, has been distorted and reshuffled, hypersaturated or bleached of all color, until it's just barely recognizable.

Image and sound are desynchronized so that what we see doesn't have any bearing on what we hear. Yet all of it seems to talk to each other, a century's worth of moving images all exploding together in the timeline.

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Peter Rainer. A rumination on art, politics, history, and mankind's eternal folly disguised as a cinematic collage. It's plotless but it has shape; random but with purpose. Ty Burr. Justin Chang. Michael Phillips.

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Concerned neither with telling stories nor even making rational sense, Godard aims straight for lyrical beauty, and he almost always hits his target. Ben Sachs. The film has the intimacy of absoluteshemale personal postcard sharing memories of deceased friends, favourite films and political touchstones.

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David Davidson. Contorted, baffling, polarizing and idiosyncratic documentary. Dennis Schwartz. Tanner Tafelski. Jean-Luc Godard achieves his objective and redeems cinema's original function: The Image Book makes us see and invites us to think.

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In The Image Book, Godard puts the visual appeal before the text or sound in an experimental way. Mabel Salinas. The Image Book is an intellectual "game," a broken puzzle, a confusing labyrinth made up of over years of movement It is an ambitious work that can not be bounced, which in its challenges and ambiguities constitutes an accurate portrait of who we are.