Treehouse feral cats

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The Caretakers regularly feed the cats and check for health issues. Many also provide winter shelters for their colonies. Caretakers also watch for new cats coming into the colony so that Tree House and volunteers can immediately trap and neuter the newcomers to prevent pregnancies and the birth of more community cats.

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It's not just Tree House responding to the rat crisis with cats via the trap-neuter-return method, known as TNR. Those who wish to volunteer can do so from 10 a. Our innovative programs improve the lives of animals and the guardians who care for them. Our cageless adoption center has always set us apart from most other shelters and still serves as a model for humane scruffapp cat housing today.

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Our foster program helps us to better care for newborn orphans, feral kittens, cats with medical conditions, and elderly cats. Most importantly, it allows us to rescue more cats! Cooper looked into Cats at Work this winter when she noticed alley rats bothering her front-yard chicken coop, known as the Block Block Club no relation to this website. Her daughter, Sophia Srivastava, named them.

Luckily for Cooper — and western Bucktown — winter is the slow season for Cats at Work.

Don’t Feed These Bucktown Cats — They’re Here To Keep The Rats Away – Block Club Chicago

Program manager Paul Nickerson told DNAinfo in that demand for the program forced some customers on a six-month-wait list. Cooper kept the cats in a little insulated house in her yard for about a month prior to their release. They scarfed down bowls of wet shredded food and eventually fell asleep, prepared for a second day of honest work.