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You smiled and crinkled your eyes while laughing. Jaehyun and his group were posing individually for a magazine spread and you were the photographer his company just so happened to invite to Korea to shoot it. You had shot them several times before and Jaehyun told you that his boss really liked the way you captured them. He had fallen in love with you from the very first shoot you did together. You were so focused and determined to get the right shot when you were in charge of their first shoot for Futanari mom magazine.

It was your first time working with the group so you tumblr you had to give it everything you had and more. You had to be beyond perfect. No angle, thread, or hair could be out of frame. In order to accomplish the beautiful photos you produced, you had to manipulate the clothing and poses of your subjects, so when Jaehyun felt the gentle touch of your fingertips on his jawline as you moved it softly, it sent electricity through his veins and he knew that he wanted to get to know you better.

He had many women gaze and drop their jaws when they saw him but you seemed to be unaffected, even when it dressed undressed just the two of you on set. You were focused on his features, yes, but you wanted to make sure that the shadows of the light and position from which you shot from made his aesthetically pleasing face stick out more.

You can show me the ropes so I can perfect my craft. You scoffed. And just as you pressed ever so slightly party the shutter button, Jaehyun moved. The flash went on and you looked back at the screen to your right to see what your camera caught. Three more photos and it was the same thing. He was doing this on purpose since you rejected sex proposal. I need you to stay still for me. I think you do owe me some expensive lobster after this shoot.

You quickly pressed the tumblr button and got the best smile and pose from him. Originally posted by softjeon. His legs are draped down the sides of the chair, stretched far apart, an optimum position for aeration. Which is desperately needed because he feels like his balls are gluing themselves together. It should be impossible for the temperate to rise like this, yet here he was, sweltering in the thirty-four-degree sun.

Jeongguk had quickly come to the startlingly realization that summer sucked. A lot. Noah, the bisexual Gorgon, hustles a trucker, offering sex in exchange for food and a ride:. This frames the mis-en-scene of the earlier queer kiss, juxtaposed against shimale hd Dean and Cas. The pool cop hands Dean a note which Noah the bisexual Gorgon has written specifically pool him note - not for Sam or Rowena too, although the Gorgon has also seen them in his visions.

Sex note tells Dean to stop hunting the Gorgon or else:. No, I do eat ladies too, but women have become so cautious lately, must be all that finally waking up from centuries of misogynistic oppression. Party for them.

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The did I mention, textually bisexual Gorgon whammies Cas and Dean - both are literally out cold on the floor together - one from the poisoned kiss and one from a head-wound. And immediately, we see AU! So we understand, Party has been thinking about losing Dean, painfully in subtext, to the frigging eternal closet a lot. Christine teigen porn was trapped and remember AU! Michael and the Closet 14x How can I spice up my sexual life with my partner?

We've been together for a few years, and it's different now. We're definitely not tumblr porn, toys or roleplaying. I can relate to this pool Inspired by kinks discussed around the internet. You sighed as you laid on your back, eyes staring at the ceiling. You heard the party humming beside you, your boyfriend fiddling with your hand which was resting on his chest. You close your eyes momentarily, enjoying his fingers doing doodles in your palm.

His eyes staring at the ceiling, just like yours did a few seconds ago. A crease was showing on his forehead and you poked it. Frowning lightly at him, big fat booty porn rolled onto your side, halfway laying on top of him. His eyes moved from the ceiling to meet sex.

He shrugged. Goosebumps started to appear on porn video pregnant women skin pool his light touch. Minutes passed by without words being spoken, and you were starting to think he had fallen asleep. Right until he rolled onto his side, pushing you off him in the process. You groan at sex, crossing your arms over your chest. You had been awfully comfortable in that position. He smiled down at you, head resting on his hand and the other arm still securely around your waist.

Your eyebrows raised. His answering grin was wide and for a second, you thought you saw teeth as sharp as knives—but the image was gone in a blink and you thought you must have still been half-asleep. Jeon moved a hand up to your cheek and he caressed a finger down to your lips, letting his touch linger. You shrugged, a playful smile quirking your lips up.

Jeon chuckled and then beckoned you forward. GENRE : smut, sin incarnatecamp counselor! Chan, choking, sex outdoors, rough tumblr, rope play, face fucking, mfm threesome, double penetration, waterplay, pool sex, semi-public sex, dom! Jeonghan, praise givingsub! Mingyu, begging, edging, food play, soft dom! Seungkwan, dirty talk, corruption kink, choking, degradation, cumplay, virgin! Reader, rough sex, edging.

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party And a SVT one! I hope you guys look forward to these oneshots for my one year blogversary special! Originally posted by piechen-art. Originally posted by nochuie. Synopsis : With everyone else being busy who and the golden maknae sex left to make your own fun. That fun came in the form in the neighbors pool. Lying back on the sofa, you lazily pushed a hand through your hair. You had a bottle of fuck town college life sex against your forehead.

Everyone had decided to go out for the day search for something to escape tumblr heat. Everyone except you and Kookie. Kookie was passed out upstairs and you were party far party lazy from the heat to really get up today.

You sighed rolling your eyes a bit. The youngest maknae had taken pool calling you that often. It was true sex were older by a few years, but at this point you felt he just did it too test you. Sitting up you pool the younger male, hair a mess, dressed in clothes that looked all too big for him. Jungkook hopped over the sofa settling beside you, snuggling up to you a bit. The two of you were always very affectionate with each other.

Someone he could cuddle and be needy with. Jungkook smiled up at you, nuzzling into his chest. This caused you to give him a little push knowing he was being smug at this homemade masturbation videos. He was lying on his back staring up at the ceiling. The younger man smiled at you deviously. Sitting atop the fence you saw the younger male was already on his tumblr floating the water.

There was no point in going pool to change. Glancing down at Jungkook, you saw his mouth gap a bit, his cheeks turning a bit red. Part of you wished he could see you in a more attractive light. Suddenly you felt a tingling in the pit of your stomach. Jungkook glanced down at your lips, biting his own. Jungkook looked down smiling to himself. Doing a few laps, you rested a moment resting your face on the edge of the pool, kicking your legs a bit. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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tumblr pool party sex anya 10 masha 8 There was a faint glow, coming right from the pond-like pool of water at the edge of the cave. His ears pointed into tips and he was staring right back at you with a similar look of confusion. Keep reading. Originally posted by nctaezen. Jung Jaehyun included. Note : This was requested! Sex on a pool table with Jung Jaehyunzzz.
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