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Luiz who lifeerotica never played club before borrowed records from friends and decided to face the challenge. It was a hit and next weekend he was starting to play every Sunday by invitation of the club owner.

Back to his home town Porto Alegre Luis sat up a sound system with a group of friends and started a weekly Saturday session in a small school in his neighbourhood that lasted vitraux 2 years It was then that he was introduced to a legendary local club called Taj Mahal where he would have his 1st opportunity to be a resident at a proper club for over 5 years.

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In Luiz got into a DJ competition with other DJs to gain the residency at another local club called Vitraux where he djed for over 5 years again. At this stage Club started producing his own progressive house tunes that leaded him to get in contact with people outside Brazil Spain In the 23rd of January Luiz finally accepted his Spanish cyber friend David Gonzalez vitraux to come to Europe Luiz international carrier was launched The town was Burgos, north of Spain and Luiz had his first opportunity to play in a Club called 5th avenue located in a park.

It was love to the first beat and dollar baby london was immediately signed as resident to play there. Crowded by fashion victims, but friendly and open-minded. Now on two floors! Mostly gay on Sun, best night, great music mostly Funk and House. Entrance fee on Thu from 22h, and Sun from 20h.


Midweek gay-party with house and techno. Lauderdale has become a gay-vacation Mecca.

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It is home to a large gay community, the local government is gay-friendly and a growing number of businesses cater to gay tourists Mykonos is a truly unique island, combining the warmth, beauty and hospitality for which Greece is famous for with a whole host of gay venues to suit all tastes and ages California has witnessed an intense battle over the equalization of gay marriage in recent years.