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Secondly, there are no booths. There are rooms. All rooms costs money to accommodate. These rooms have clean lenings and all. Its like hotel rooms. But whats the point in renting your own room? The whole thing is being able to walk around and just spontaneously get into one of the rooms with someone you desire…. There is even a room with news channels showing all over…. Only safe sex is allowed at The Watergarden.

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No alcohol or drugs are permitted in the facility. All bags are subject to inspection. Smoking is allowed only in designated outside areas. The Watergarden is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Sleeping is not allowed in communal areas. No cameras or recording devices are permitted. Cell phone use is allowed in designated areas only. Safer-sex items such as condoms, lube, dental dams etc. Sexually Transmitted Infections S.

Lauderdale has become a gay-vacation Mecca. It is home to a large gay community, the local government is gay-friendly and a growing number of businesses cater to gay tourists California has witnessed an intense battle over the equalization of gay marriage in recent years.

There is also street parking - again read the signs.

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You enter from the major front street The Alameda. Entrance is not labeled, but look for address. When you get inside you are greeted by the welcome desk.

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Like other gay bathhouses you pay first, then you are buzzed in. You have the option to put your wallet, keys, or other valuables in a private lock box. Prices vary depending on what room or locker you get.

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You also need to buy a membership. Check the website for pricing options. When you get pass the welcome desk you go to the back side of the desk to get a towel they have larger towels for bigger guys.

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The staff is friendly and will point you where to go. From there go to the locker or room and get naked. You will only need a towel, and the key on your arm. Throughout the facility are condoms on the walls. Lube is free from the front desk. Water fountains are available. Just beyond the weight room are hallways with the private rooms.

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Only safe sex is allowed at The Watergarden. Edit or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Claim this hotspot. I was here.