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Wentworth Miller Reveals Mental Health Crisis

Much love. The actor came out as gay inafter declining an invitation to attend the St. Petersburg International Film Festival because of the country's anti-gay laws.

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Wentworth Miller on Coming Out as Gay: ''I Feel More Fully Expressed'' | E! News

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Young Hollywood. We're Hiring! Wentworth Miller is opening up about his decision to come out as gay. In interview new interview with Detailsthe year-old former Prison Break star, who came out back in Augustsays he feels more open and honest since his announcement last year. I was out to a handful of people in my twenties, and once I hit 30, I was out to family and friends. But professionally, I was feeding a fantasy. PICS: Same-sex celeb couples. When asked if he ever felt like he was lying to fans about his sexuality, Miller dished, "My face was on wentworth, and I thought it was my job to act a certain way.

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But out of that came something positive. Several positives. First, I was able to practice self-expression and get it — the upset — out wentworth me and down on paper. Then, when I shared it, people responded. A lot of people. That self-expression can be of service to you but it can also benefit other people.

Why do gay think people can be so cruel? Why is body-shaming so prevalent nowadays, in society at large and in the gay community especially? Not for long. So I have to do it again. And again. That Miller is so magnanimous is i very impressive, ii slightly infuriating, in the nicest possible way, and iii testament interview what he describes, in miller to a question I ask him about how the divisions in America might be healed, as cultivating empathy.

He has two sisters named Leigh and Gillian. For his early education, he was schooled at the Midwood High School, Brooklyn.

Is Wentworth Miller Gay or Married? Wife, Boyfriend, Brother, Family, Net Worth

As a young boy, he always had the flair for acting but never thought of pursuing it as a career, fast forward to the future, we are glad he did. Wentworth Miller denied being gay on thousands of interviews he had, even claiming to have the desire for a wife and kids in one of them. Sometimes, he simply refused to answer questions about his sexuality because he was afraid of the possible backlash.

He was afraid that an open admission of the truth about his sexuality would hurt his career in a big way because of the open discrimination against gays that is still evident even in the showbiz industry.