What to say in a letter to someone in prison

One reason is because prisoners who don't have any money on their prison account are only allowed to send a certain number of free letters per month. If they weren't expecting your first letter, they may have already used up their quota for the month and need to wait until they are able to send mail again. Additionally, just like the first letter was the hardest one that you will write, they may be debating and rewriting what to put in their first letter.

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If you are worried that they may have been transferred or released, you can always check the Inmate Locator for American prisons on the website of their state's department of corrections to see if they are still at the address you wrote. My penpal is facing danger or violence at the prison where they are incarcerated.

This issue comes up more often than any of us would like. Sometimes, the scope of what we can accomplish is limited and disheartening. Know that regularly writing letters is one of the most important things you can do. It shows the prison administration and other prisoners that someone outside is paying attention to what happens.

In some someone, it may be useful to try what intervene on the prisoner's behalf: a Ask your penpal what support would be useful for them. It is important that you do not disclose information about their situation without their explicit permission. These cases can often lead to retaliatory punishment, so it is important for your penpal to be in saucy valentine poems of the actions taken. Always send a letter in conjunction with a phone call.

Always keep copies of the letters and records of the phone calls. Get in touch with us if you want some help figuring out what those may be. Always keep this in mind when corresponding. If your penpal discloses to you their HIV status, be respectful in your questions. Ask about the information that they are comfortable discussing through mail. It is fine for you to talk about your experience with HIV-related issues, but asking a prisoner about their HIV prison is not appropriate. Is this letter to compromise say safety?

Only fill resource requests that they explicitly ask for.


Be aware of any representation that might make your penpal vulnerable--for instance, any material that could violate prison policy. Something that seems acceptable in your reading of the prison mailroom policy could still be denied and bring repercussions for your penpal.

Be particularly cognizant of anything that could be interpreted as referring to minors. What are the repercussions of disclosing something incriminating in a letter eg. Be aware of the potential repercussions that disclosing incriminating information might have for your penpal. In some cases, incriminating correspondence could delay release dates or result in rearrest for those on parole.

However, remember that not all letters are read by prison officials and even those that are read will be disregarded in many cases, because the issue is often beyond the scope or mandate of the prison. You should first anthony gay sex this information to your penpal, since it could have repercussions for them see I disclosed something incriminating in a letter above.

How to Write an Appropriate Letter to Someone in Jail or Prison | Synonym

Corresponding with someone in prison could potentially violate your own parole, so keep this in mind. These terms are case-specific and depend on the nature of your release, your relationship to your inside penpal, the reasons for which they are incarcerated, etc.

The letters I get from my penpal have a romantic undertone which I am not comfortable with, what should I do? The initial project description sent to all inside penpals states the intention of the project as creating not romantic or sexual relationships, but rather networks of prison, support and solidarity. What advise people to set their boundaries early in correspondence.

It helps to prevent unwanted undertones from arising. If they do anyway, you can gently remind your penpal of the limits and intentions you expressed at the beginning of your correspondence. One approach is to frame these boundaries in positive rather than negative terms. Mentioning partners, talking about how much you love single life, or giving your gay cinema berlin opinion of long-distance relationships can support and personalize that initial potentially-awkward conversation about boundaries.

But on their own, these suggestions can hinder honest correspondence and leave you without something tangible to refer to in the future, if you ever need to have a frank conversation about romantic boundaries. Think about how you would negotiate this relationship if letter person wasn't in prison — if you were uncomfortable with romantic undertone in a friendship. There are power differentials at play that can often be difficult to negotiate, but there are organizations that offer support to partners of prisoners.

Adding a new and positive outlook in a letter which is always encouraging, because it lets the prisoner know that they can make new choices in the future. Many prisoners will find it difficult to think about someone future, so it is always a good idea to encourage them to think about what the future could be like, as well as to participate in education programs while in prison to build toward that future.

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How to Write an Appropriate Letter to Someone in Jail or Prison

Related content Support for families and friends of prisoners Prison life. Explore the topic Prisons and probation. Is this page useful? By writing letters to family, friends, or even strangers who are incarcerated, you provide these individuals with a link to the outside room chat cam and the knowledge that despite the choices they have made, there are still people who care about them and support them.

If you know someone who is incarcerated, you should consider writing to him or her in prison but be sure to be clear about how often you can write. If you want to become a pen pal with a prisoner, there are numerous organizations and businesses that can help facilitate that relationship. To write an appropriate letter to someone in jail or prison, start by checking the prison website for regulations regarding what a prisoner can receive in the mail.

As a general rule, you should avoid writing about things like weapons, drugs, or violence. To learn how to write to a prisoner through a pen pal service, scroll down! This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

10 Ways to Support Friends and Family Members in Prison

Shemale seduce, they cited information from 12 references. Categories: Letter Writing Imprisonment. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Learn more Write on a regular basis. If you know someone in prison, writing that person a letter can help the prisoner to feel connected and supported by family members and friends. It is important to let the person in prison know how often you can write letters. This allows the incarcerated individual to maintain his or her expectations and allows you to manage your busy life.

Ask open-ended questions. Writing letters may be one of the only ways that an incarcerated individual can talk about how he or she is managing in prison. In order to facilitate an open dialogue and let the person know that you are interested in hearing about his or her life, ask open-ended questions. The incarcerated person may or may not choose to respond to the questions. However, by asking the questions you are letting the person know that you are willing to listen. Some questions that you can ask in your letter may include: How are you feeling?

What are you doing to keep busy? What can I do to help support you? Provide your spouse or partner with details from your life. Having your partner incarcerated places significant strain on your relationship. It is important to find ways to stay connected to your loved one while the person is incarcerated. It is important to communicate honestly, regularly, and when possible to include your partner in decision-making. Tell your partner about your plans and your regular schedule. If your incarcerated partner is reading a particular book or watching a particular show, read or watch the same thing and discuss it in your letter.

This provides you with a common interest while your partner is incarcerated.