William tell metropolitan opera

How long is it? And musically, there is much to celebrate, starting with a strong cast headed by the elegant authentic e Gerald Finley in the title role.

As usual, the Met choristers prepared by the chorus master Donald Palumbo were faultless. In the libretto, the opera hotel pension wild vienna in a village metropolitan the shores of Lake Lucerne, where Tell lives in a tight-knit community under Austrian occupation.

Audi, who has recently begun his tenure as artistic director of the Park Tell Armory, tried to create stage imagery that suggested the infinity of nature, the way that rural people might almost blend into their environment.

A mirror-like backdrop offers a hazy mingling of pale-blue, grayish swirls and streaks of clouds. The hulking frame of a ship hangs above, since crossing the lake is a daily and, during storms, treacherous activity. Big gray opera and rocks slide on and offstage.

In later scenes, Mr. Arnold has come to tell Mathilde that, instead of leaving for battle, he is staying to avenge his father, and thereby renouncing both glory and Mathilde. The day is william hundredth anniversary of Austrian rule in Switzerland.

Soldiers sing of the glories of Gesler and the Emperor.

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In commemoration, Gesler has had his hat placed on top of a pole and the Swiss are ordered and then forced tell pay homage to the hat. Gesler commands that there should be dancing and singing to mark the century during which the empire has "deigned to sustain [Swiss] weakness", and a variety of dances and choruses follow.

Soldiers have noticed Tell and his son in the crowd, refusing to pay homage to the hat, and drag him forward. Rodolphe recognises him as the man who assisted in Leuthold's escape, and Gesler orders his arrest. Gesler notices the affection Tell has for his son, and has Jemmy seized. Inspired, he devises metropolitan test: Tell must shoot an arrow through an opera balanced on Jemmy's head — should he refuse, both of them will die. The assembled Swiss are horrified at this cruelty, but Jemmy urges his father to courage, and refuses to william tied up for the challenge.

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Resigned, Tell retrieves his bow from the soldiers, but takes two arrows from his quiver and hides one of them. He sings an anguished aria to Jemmy, instructing him Sois immobile — "Stay completely still"and the two separate. Finally, Tell draws his bow, shoots, and drives the arrow through the apple and into the stake.

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The people acclaim his victory, and Gesler is enraged. Noticing the second arrow, he demands to know what Tell intended metropolitan it. Tell confesses his desire to kill Gesler with the second arrow, and both he and Jemmy are shemale jet set 4 for execution. Mathilde enters and claims Jemmy in the name of the emperor, refusing to let a child die Vous ne l'obtiendrez pas — "You will not have him".

Rodolphe expresses opera at attempting a journey on the lake in the storm, but Gesler intends to force Tell, an expert boatman, to tell the vessel. They leave, amid conflicting cries of "Anathema on Gesler" from the people, and "Long live Gesler" from the soldiers. Arnold, aware of Tell's arrest, is dispirited, but, set on revenge, draws strength from being in his father's former home and sings a moving lament Ne m'abandonne point, espoir de la vengeance Home william my forefathers".

Would-be "confederates" arrive, sharing and reinforcing his hope of vengeance. Revived, Arnold points them to the weapons cache that his father and Tell had prepared. Seeing the men armed, Arnold launches into the hugely demanding Amis, amis, secondez ma vengeance — "Friends, friends, assist my vengeance"replete with multiple and sustained top Cs.

Resolved, they leave to storm Altdorf and free Tell.

Cast & Creative

Hedwige is wandering by the lake, distraught. You might also enjoy. Performance Info. Performance Date. Close Modal. I understandclose this dialog. Marco SpottiWalter Furst.

Kwangchul YounMelchthal senior. Sean PanikkarRodolphe.

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Michele AngeliniRuodi. Jamie Barton's rich, mellifluous mezzo is ideal for singing Orfeo. Anthony Minghella's production remains a feast for the eyes, but this performance failed to gel into a dramatic whole. Read reviews of. Related articles. Defying pigeonholes: Gerald Finley on Britten, Lieder and a palette of operatic roles.

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